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I'm back.

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And everyone I knew is pretty much gone now. Sweet! New friends to make :D


Hi I'm Amelia, I've forgotten my old Ordo nickname so I ended up just making a new account :o


If you are someone I knew, you would know me as Amelia Luna on second life (I'm Achtais' sl sister and Xozas sister in law :D), or if you played planetside 2 with me over a year ago when it was more popular, then we were TR on Waterson together <3 I was probably your combat medic :D 


If you don't know me hi! I talk a lot, I'm obnoxious, and I really get into the games I'm playing :D I'll mostly be on ts2. I'm not really big on forums so go catch me on teamspeak :D 


Also, I'm a very avid Smite player, so do please hit me up if you play or are interested :) Let's make it an Ordo thing! 


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Hi and welcome back to Ordo. I played SMITE a bit, its the only moba I actually like to play.

By all means toss me a friend invite when you get on. My smite username is Tetrelle

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