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im expecting this to go F2P otherwise it might be hard for blizzard to compete with TF2. If it does ill give it a try, otherwise not particularly interested really.

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I'm very excited about this game, the teleporting gunslinger with the hot brit accent sealed the deal for me.

Everyone's a sucker for a British accent :P 

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2 hours ago, Xoza said:

Beta this weekend, just download it on your Blizzard launcher if you have access (most everyone should). No NDA in effect.

Actually, it's still via invite 


If you've been invited to the Beta Test Weekend:

  • You will see an "Install" button in the Overwatch tab of the desktop app
  • You will see an "Overwatch Beta" license in Account Management
  • You will receive an email titled "Play the Overwatch Beta This Weekend!"
  • You will be able to post in the following forums beginning Friday around 9:00 a.m. PST:

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05/27/2016 08:43 AMPosted by Jeff Kaplan

We're big fans of the clan and guild systems in WoW and Diablo 3. A feature like this is something we're very interested in.



Here's a way to hope that this is happening soon for us.


I'd like to propose doing OW events within the team once in a while, weekly "for fun" quick match, then weekend Custom Game or Player VS AI (Medium/Hard) match.

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      It's on sale right now, you can also play it for free for a few days and we should totally have a team!

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