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Hey all, 


Bit of a strange one here, but I need the help of the community, especially the community that were involved with Ordo on Titan inside Second Life. I'm working on a little project and I need as much reference material as possible. I've pulled what I can from Google and from within the forum boards but it hasn't been easy and so I turn to you. What I need is pictures of the following:


Ordo Imperialis Logos 



Vehicles (Land & Air) 


Props (The random bits that were around Titan) 

Various rooms (Astra hangar, equipment room, Vesperia lounge etc etc etc)

and of course Titan it's self, Maps of Titan, and of any form of titan be it the city or the lava base type thing


So that's what I'm on the look out for so, so if you could please post your images here as I'm in desperate need of the reference material, and I promise what you guys will get back will be something super cool

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Excellent response guys, you're awesome. Any and all screenshots Etc you guys can dig up would be fantastic and I will be contacting people in world over the weekend ^_^


And Loved the Evalidus poster, already got lots of ideas for that, thanks Awanken :D  

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Just a little something, thanks to Awanken posting that evalidus poster.


This is just the first step into getting this into something awesome. I did take a litrtle artistic license though, updated it a little, made it a little cleaner...well before I destroyed it lol and made the logo a little sharper 



New Logo 


evalidusnlogo_zpsf4fbd73f.png[ [



Evalidus New - Clean 




Evalidus New - Worn




Evalidus New - Battered / Torn 



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