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Scam Alerts/Warnings Thread

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Scams and Phishing is a major part of the internet world. It's a major practice that takes advantage of unsuspecting individuals. I don't know anyone who hasn't encountered one and recent data claims up to 40% of us fall into one of their traps.

If you stumble upon, fall into yourself or hear about anything you believe anyone should know about in fraud, scamming or phishing, post it here! Help make the internet a safer and better place, I'm sure we all have enough shit to deal with in our lives and I'd rather not let them get away with it.
Some sources that can help.
Report it to Google, they'll pass it on.

How to browse safely, just a guide by Google.

Additional Advice, more information about phishing.

Run a WhoIs Lookup and abuse report it (for pro's only).



My recent encounter,

If someone messages you with a steam link. MAKE SURE IT'S SPELLED CORRECTLY. Avoid using steam in a browser, use the client.

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The big ones Im running into right now are:


1) The Isis Virus.  Your system will get a screen coming from the Department of Homeland Security saying that your system has been flagged for <insert technobabble here> offense and is assisting ISIS.  You MUST call <insert bullshit number here> and report this screen showing up or your computer will be confiscated and you'll be charged with <insert bullshit charge by FBI/CIA etc>.


2)  You'll be emailed, IMd, or contacted via phone by someone claiming to be either a partner of Microsoft's OR Microsoft themselves saying that your computer has been compromised/having issues and then will request access to your computer via remote.  Once they obtain access they infect your computer and the virus above pops up, or another screen that "locks" you out and says you must pay an $800 fee (more or less) to have it fixed.


Most of us here are pretty intelligent and tech savvy, but our elderly family/younger family members may NOT be.  Have them contact their ISP if this stuff pops up and let them know, change all the passwords for their banking etc, and if its a phone call, report the number that contacts you to your local PD's fraud squad.

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Steam: Received a few messages from my friends about a "picture they drew for me." and a link. DON'T CLICK, DOWNLOAD OR RUN IT, unless you want to loose your inventory and send the same message to all your friends. (unsure of the lost inventory)

How I knew...

  1. The friend / associate wouldn't "draw me a picture".
  2. Two friends at the same time sent me the same link.
  3. The link was not an image file.

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