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[TOR] Cross-Play: Simply playing both factions, geared.

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Do you want to play TOR on both sides without having to worry about getting the gear you need and getting pissed about lockouts, gear, comms and what characters have what gear, who needs what and where? Halve the need of gear you'll be going for. With legacy gear, legacy bank and outfitter this is now possible, more tolerable and a lot cheaper. The goal here is to gather enough gear, mods or comms for the character class groups you want to play. Class groups are the cross faction groups of similar class, like Jedi Shadow and Sith Assassin. So, choose a role and a class group you want to earn that gear for.


Class / Role

So, whether you've been playing a while or a little, the goal is to figure out what class you enjoy and in what role. So, I'm going to choose Assassin/Shadow Damage. I have a max level of both, so I don't have to worry about leveling them up, even if you don't, you don't have to worry about leveling them up right away, because the armor will be there available when you do get there as you work on it. Choosing a class set across factions is recommended because they use the same stats and recommended builds, this provides less confusion and makes switching and combat on both sides seamless.


Legacy Gear and the Outfitter

Now we need to get you a set of legacy gear. There are several locations you can acquire some, but it can take some work. Other players may have available to them legacy pieces due to veteran awards. Bounty Brokers, Gree and other event equipment may be legacy. The legacy gear will be your stat gear, It's where you're going to move/place/replace all your mods from now on. Now get yourself a look for those outfitter tabs and look how you want without worrying about what the legacy gear looks like.



With this path, you can use every character and every lockout on those characters to get yourself gear and comms. Just be sure when you're shopping you grab the gear and comms you need for the role and class group you are working on. If you don't recall what you have exactly at that moment, write it down, shop another time when you know, or just go look at it in your legacy bank. Yep, this guide recommends that you store your gear in your legacy bank when you're not using it. Remember though, once you pull mods out, it binds so you won't be able to sell it back. So, I'll be focusing on acquiring gear for Shadassassin DPS. It doesn't matter what character i'm playing, whenever I get gear or comms, I'll use it for my primary objective of improving that set of characters.



To really get my gear going, I'll have my legacy gear stored in my legacy bank and I'll consolidate everything there. All the best mods for the roll/s I'm aiming for go into the legacy gear and go back into my legacy bank (unless I intend to use it then). Once it's done, I'll have a set of armor and weapons available to both my characters through the bank, the only separate thing I'd have to worry about on both characters is implants and earpieces. Don't forget to re-store your armor, or just remember where you last had it, there aren't many options of where it could be.



Be safe and have fun!

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