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Well guess my love of Win 10 has just ended. IT completely screwed up TOR and I can't even get the damed thing to run. Time to start screwing around with DXruntime environments, config files etc 

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I had a little fun playing with Cortana this morning. I asked her a bunch of questions and I was giggling at the answers. One of them was as follows:


Hey Cortana:

What does the fox say?




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Been using 10 here for the last couple days.


I rate it a 10/Windows 10.


Make sure to set this to local network, by the way;


Thanks for the tip, Though this should be set like that by default, but handy for those that have it different for some reason

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Well we we're all waiting to see if Windows 10 was too good to be true, and waiting for the first major slip up and I think this is it ....



Taken from The Mirror (U.K newspaper) 





Windows 10 is watching YOU: Fans rage over Microsoft 'big brother spy software'




More than 14 million people have now downloaded the smash hit operating system - but do they know what's lurking inside it?





Microsoft has been accused of packing its Windows 10 operating system with Big Brother-style "spy" software.


The must-have operating system has now been downloaded by more than 14 million people, with many Microsoft fans still waiting in a queue to download the upgrade.

But this super successful launch has been marred by accusations that Windows 10 contains privacy-busting software which collects huge amounts of data about its users.




In its privacy guidelines, Microsoft has admitted it collects key information on Windows users, recording the searches they make with Bing, requests spoken to the voice assistant Cortana and even "your typed and handwritten words".


The tech giant also said it could rifle through a variety of private and personal places.


“We will access, disclose and preserve personal data, including your content (such as the content of your emails, other private communications or files in private folders), when we have a good faith belief that doing so is necessary to,” Microsoft wrote in its terms of service.


Microsoft has compiled a huge 45 page document detailing its privacy policy in intense detail.




The European Digital Rights Organisation summed it up with the following statement:


"One can say that Microsoft basically grants itself very broad rights to collect everything you do, say and write with and on your devices in order to sell more targeted advertising or to sell your data to third parties.


"The company appears to be granting itself the right to share your data either with your consent 'or as necessary'."


Microsoft's privacy changes have met with a furious reaction.



"I am pretty surprised by the far-reaching data collection that Microsoft seems to want,” web developer Jonathan Porta wrote on his blog, which was quoted by RT.


"I am even more surprised by the fact that the settings all default to incredibly intrusive. I am certain that most individuals will just accept the defaults and have no idea how much information they are giving away.”




In a statement, Microsoft said: "“Windows does not collect personal information without your consent.


"To effectively provide Windows as a service, Microsoft collects some performance, diagnostic and usage information that helps keep Windows and apps running properly by communicating the capabilities of a device, reliability of apps, whether Windows is operating correctly and a device’s status if a disruption were to occur."


The tech giant promised it "does not sell this data or use it for advertising purposes".


You can opt to limit the data Microsoft collects inside the privacy settings control panel, although you will have to click through up to 13 screens to make the changes.

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While I can understand the concern in this ..... I think some things should remain unpublished in the news. Think of all the people that wouldn't know and they would send something out about plans of doing things to harm others. How illegal acts can be stopped. While I never had a lot of the privacy options on to begin with. I also don't care because in a few years they will be shooting tracking chips into our skin anyway. Freaking governments. (yes I'm joking :p)

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Google & yahoo both keep record of all your searches unless you opt out of it. That's hardly a new thing.


Microsoft has always analyzed voice data for Speech Recognition programs (seriously, open it up on any other Windows version and it'll tell you.) It is opt in.


Cortana reading emails to provide you info is an opt in setting. You have to both turn on that option, and then add your email account to the mail app for it to work.


Using typing patterns to help with autocorrection and searches? My Android tablet does the same thing. Again, it's opt in.














People should probably read what they turn on if they get paranoid about things that only improve the quality of a single program. lol




Did you know that buying a game on Steam doesn't actually mean you own the game, but only a bought license to play the game which can be revoked at any time without notice?

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All applications and programs can have spy / privacy concerns it's the world we live in today, you have to decide who and what you trust. I would rather, if they are going to get the data, it go toward some analytical data to a larger corporation that handles tons of data where mine would be an insignificant statistic and program improvement analysis, then another, off brand, unaccountable company, developing an app to specifically use it maliciously.


In the end, I love my privacy a LOT. I don't like it when they use it to further their own agenda, but there are also good reasons as well. These are what privacy statements are for, those things no one reads... those things that, a lot of times if you want to use the product, you have to agree to. True, the system has it's faults, but what system doesn't? As much as some of us dislike Microsoft, it is one of the more honorable companies that would rather respond to the issue then let it carry on unchecked.


Again, you just have to decide who to trust and do what you can, responsibly to protect your privacy to the best of your ability.

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