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Hello Everyone!!


i know it's been a while since there was an Ordocast Announcement but there is today, 

So the Ordocast Team, Kisho, Michan and Myself are still working hard each week to make this as good as it can be, and guess what ? Ordocast applications are back!! Yes that's right the applications are open again. So if you would like to join the Ordocast as a one time guest or a reoccurring guest just fill out the application, it's really simple and take about five minutes. 


Also with the new format there hasn't been much of a chance to get everything turned into .mp3 versions for you guys and so the archive became a little redundant and no longer needed. Well We're happy to tell you that MP3 versions of the Ordocast will be returning sometime soon and backdated from the new Episode 18 which airs today all the way back to episode 7, So that way you don't have to keep watching the video the entire damned time. And mentioning the video, Assuming I've set it up right this time, The Ordocast will go live on both Hitbox and YouTube so that way you guys have a preference on which service you use, Cause not everyone wants to sign up just so they can comment, and We are working on a little something so you guys can view live on the forums too. 

And just for you guys, All episodes recorded from episode 12 onwards has now beein imported from youtube so you have them all in one tidy ...okay, maybe not tidy but all in one place :D 

So have a good day, Come see us during the Ordocast, ask questions, throw out comments and as always #GetOrdo lets make it a thing 

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