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The Ordocast: Episode 7: Ballistic Shadows

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Legacy Wide Datacrons

Hey folks!
I wanted to pass on a little tidbit that I heard this morning. We are very actively looking to put Legacy-wide Datacrons into Knights of the Fallen Empire! We know this has been widely requested for many years and so the Design team is working as we speak to get it in.
As always, this is not a guarantee that it will make it in, but the team is hard at work to make it happen.

Gamescom Q&A


August 11th Patch Notes 

Personal Story
  • Fixed the story step “Victory or Death” to allow turret and anvil interactions during the airship phase, enabling Personal Story completion.

Profession Skills

  • Inspiring Distortion: Fixed a bug that allowed this trait to apply distortion to WvW structures.

New Items and Promotions

  • The new Dwayna’s weapon set is available at vendors for the limited-time price of 1 complete Black Lion Claim Ticket from a Black Lion Chest. Keys are available in the Special category of the Gem Store for 125 gems.
  • The Boosts category of the Gem Store has been reworked. All previous boosters are no longer available. Previously purchased boosters will still work.
    • A new Experience Booster is now available that grants 50% additional experience from all sources and game types, including WvW and PvP reward tracks, and gives a killstreak bonus on enemy NPCs.
    • A new Item Booster is now available that grants crafting, gathering, and magic find benefits from a single source and summons a merchant if the player’s inventory is full after gathering resources.
    • A new Heroic Booster is now available that grants both Item Booster and Experience Booster effects.
    • Single Experience Booster and Item Booster prices have been reduced by 33% permanently.
    • Karma Boosters are now available exclusively from in-game rewards.
    • For a limited time, you can claim a free Heroic Booster by visiting the Gem Store.

*Improvements: *

  • The Black Lion Chest now drops the new boosters. Karma Boosters, Experience Boosters (old), Magic Find Boosters, Crafting Boosters, Gathering Boosters, WXP Boosters, Killstreak Experience Boosters, and Communal Boost Bonfires no longer drop from the chest.
  • The Candy Corn Gobbler now grants the new, more functional booster effects at an adjusted duration per use.
  • Story steps that grant Gem Store boosters now grant the new boosters.


 Star Wars Episode 7




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