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Kishoshima Dragonash

Suggestions for the Ordo Cast

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SO... seeing as we're getting a little bit of a following for the Ordo Cast we want to continue to grow.  Is there anything youd like us to do on the Cast?  Is there anything we're doing you DONT want us to do?  What can we do to improve the experience with you guys?  Throw any constructive criticism our way and post it here so that we can keep track of it.  Keep in mind, we may or may not agree with you (which is always the case) but anything we can feasibly implement or change, we will.  If what you're throwing out is straight tosh.. then its going straight to the round file.. just keep that in mind.  We love you guys, we love interacting with you guys.. and as always #GetOrdo ... Make it a thing.

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Should play some smooth jazz during the stream for the audience


Kinda working on that too.. sort of.  Not sure if we wanna go with something as smooth as the Wii store tho.. we'll see.


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