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A touch of spring cleaning & a New Victim

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Hello and Greeting's to all, 


Over the next week or so you may find some OrdoCast content is unavailable, but as the book with the big friendly letter written on the back says "Don't panic", it will all be coming back.


With and as the increasing presence of social media for Ordo grows on platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Twitch & Hitbox it has become apparent that all the media aspects needed to be streamline so everything is in it's proper place, easier to find and archive. So all previous episodes of the Ordocast that were placed on my personal channels and streams will be migrated over to the OrdoCast playlist over on Ordo's official YouTube Channel so everything is in it's proper place.


So expect some broken links here and there for a while as this is going to take some time.


So thank you for your patience and we hope to see you again for the next OrdoCast.


Also, Please help us in welcoming a new Social relations / editor type guy to the team, the guy who will be filtering through your questions, flow of info, giving us ideas, and being the one for me to pick on as he's in my timezone and the guy carrying the ban hammer during live events, So its with joy we welcome Michan Moonlight to the OrdoCast Team. 


Welcome MICHAN!!




The OrdoCast Team

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