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Angelin's Dwarfy Fort Season 2

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Welcome do Angelin's Dwarfy Fort Season 2.

The reason I stopped the first one? I had other priorities to atend to at the time and when I went to try and get back to that save... It was not longer there. Oh well.

At any rate, a new version is out, and I plan on sharing it with you folks. Because why not.

Things different this time:

  • New version! Taverns, poems, adventurers, better temple and religion system, visitors, yada yada yada I'll show it to you as I play.
  • Tileset! Yay I am using one even though every fiber of my body says no. Hopefully it helps you folks understand what is going on.
  • I know what I am doing... Slightly more than before. You can never fully know what you are doing in DF.

Aside from that, there's not much. But I'll try to keep it entertaining.

If you haven't seen Angelin's Dwarfy Fort Season 1, do check it out, at least for the introduction. Not mandatory, as I'll try to explain everything here again.

Well, let's get started.


Entry 1: A new fort, a new start.

On the early Spring of 309, 7 brave dwarves set out to establish a new fort for the glory of all mountain homes. These 7 dwarves had names... Names labeled as such...




Please ignore the professions on that picture, the game assigns them on skills, but those are not entirely true


  • Esva and Xoza, two famous miners! Their names were known all across the caves.
  • Kisho! A competent woodcutter and a fine carpenter. Also has knowledge in trading.
  • Odin! A fine mason and novice building designer. His skills also include a good knowledge of organizing and bookkeeping.
  • Michan! A proficient herbalist, brewer and novice mason. Crops and drinks are in good hands with him.
  • Hulkman! A great fisherdwarf, tanner and cook. Good meals keep the morale up.
  • And finally, Calohar! An experiencedish hunter and butcher. Need to get meat from somewhere.

These 7 dwarves set out and claimed a site, which they named Thalalbom, "Empirehome".

Of course, a small group needs people to organize and trade and obviouslya leader! The 7 dwarves decided...



Esva was the expedition leader from now on!

Odin, with his knowledge of organizing and bookkeeping would be the manager and, well, bookkeeper.

Kisho would be the broker, since he had experience in trading.

Other roles would be filled later.


The site contained many metals and a layer of flux stone, stone used in the making of steel. It also contained a volcano to the north, source of lava, useful for many dwarven things. A river to the south, bordered by a thick forest, would provide with water and fish. The trees would bring many animals and provide food. The volcanic mountain, protection. The rest, was up to the dwarves.



I unfortunately do not have the mod which shows what's bellow if there is empty space. So, looking at the image, here's what you see, on this Z (height) level: The volcano to the North, the inside of the mountain (undiscovered and, as such, dark). To the south, many Z levels below, would be the forest and river, and the spot we would settlle in. Again, because of the lack of the mod, all you see is that blue "empty space", because there is nothing there. Just imagine happy little trees and a river.


Upon arrival, the 7 dwarves parked their caravan... ON TOP OF A BLOODY HILL WHAT ARE YOU DOING YOU-- ASFHASHUICASNUDHSAUD...

Ok. By parking on top of the kill, they destroyed the wagon. No problem. The items I chose on embark are still there. Just... On top of trees and what not.

A short list of what we have: Two pickaxes, an axe, seeds, some dwarven wine (never embark without alcohol), a bronze crossbow and 20 bronze bolts, some leather, cloth, fiber, and a few utilities like crutches, stepladders, extra food and what not. Also, 2 dogs and 2 cats, one male one female, aside from 3 hens and a rooster. Also arrived a yak bull and a camel (random animals pulling the wagon). Here's the picture showing the arrival site: 



Here you can see some of the dwarves, animals, a couple barrels and some equipment tossed on top of a tree to the right. The down arros are ramps, indicating that they are indeed, on top of a small hill.


After arriving, I set the nobles (exp leader, broker, etc) and a couple professions. I turned on hunting for Calohar, they grabbed the crossbow and the bolts and went off.

Of course, while I was setting up the initial base, Calohar decided to hunt. A hippo...

Come on Calohar.



The hippo Calohar was targetting is under the yellow X in the middle, my "cursor" per say, because I had it selected (menu to the right). You can see other hippos around.

You may think: great! Meat!

Nope. Calohar shot all 20 bolts, did not kill the hippo, ran away and now I can't reclaim these bolts because they are probably stuck in the hippo. You can see the pool of blood...

God damn it Calohar, now you are gonna have to hunt with wooden bolts until I can get something better. The hippos left, by the way. I turned off hunting on Calohar for the moment, until I had a proper base setup. We have enough food for now.


Here you can see the basic base being setup. You can see some doors on the side of the mountain leading to a main hall. To the right of the main hall, you will see my workshop area with a few workshops already built (3x3 mini structures, you see a dwarf inside one in the picture), and right of that, a small room for butchers and tanners and stuffs. The reason for that is that those workshops: butchers, tanners and fishers, create miasma. Think of miasma as a cloud of bad smell which causes bad moods. So we keep it contained in a room to the right.

To the left of the main hall you see my indoor farms. A lot of stuff dwarves grow is indoors only. The farm plots are still being prepared, but they look like weird patches of dirt. You can also seem them outside. I made those plots there but forgot I had no "outdoor" seeds, so they'll just be there for now.

The 4 "X"s at the end of the main hallway are up/down stairs (go both up and down). For some reason, this tileset does not have a tile for them. Above is a small storage room and below just me digging a couple Z-levels to setup a meeting hall and bedrooms.



Hopefully the tilset allows you to understand better what is going on. You can see a lot in this image. Most you should be able to guess: walls, rocks laying around, wood, plants. he only weird thing is those round wooden looking circles towards the bottom and bottom left of the image. Yes, those are trees. Because they are now multiblow, that is only the trunk. You could the see the tops of trees on other pictures.

This is the start of nearly every fort. Many have different scenarios though: beaches, islands, near towns, on the artics, etc. It's gonna go slow for now and I stopped playing just as Summer arrived. Hopefully I can keep the gas going and entertain you folks.

Feedback is always appreciated.

You can expect the next entry... Soon... Whenever I feel like playing really. I'll promise to warn you folks if I'm gonna stop doing it again. I hope you enjoy :)

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