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Hello everybody,


 I am 20 years old and mygametag name has been Terminator or the past 6 years, at first, I didn't to it because of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, but more for the meaning of the world terminator. Over the years it became related to Arnold but anyways, that's another story. I became well known for playing a game called Tibia. It is a retro MMO that has been invented in  1997   and still up to date and running now adays. I only play the old school version of it, here you guys can watch a video so you can get an idea of what i'm talking about

My steam profile name is

I am interested in medieval games and any type of games that actually implies some skill, some thinking and the proper use of a mouse and a keyboard. No hints, no cheats, no macro hotkeys. I intend to participate in this community and learn a new perspective of gaming rather than just classic repetitive generic games. It is time to learn and explore a brand new type of gaming.

I would like to appologize in advance, if I ever say or do anything that might offend a team member, please do not hesitate on letting me know, sometimes I joke too much. But it is time to be serious.


Cheers :)




I acknowlodge the codec of this community and I understand it.




 (ˈtɜr məˌneɪ tər) 


1. one that terminates.

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