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Hey joined Ordo in BDO about a week ago. My name is Andrew, but I go by Mixar in game. I live in Indiana with my wife and 1yo daughter. I work at home most of the time as a medical biller. Computer savvy enough to build a rig, but not so much in software code etc. I have played other MMOs, mainly SWG, SWTOR, and WoW. Currently dedicating all my time to BDO. I tend to find a class I like and get as good as I can get with them. Currently maining Warrior, plan to switch to Blader when it is released. I do a lot of reading and theorycrafting on the classes I play to optimize my abilities. I plan to help Ordo by sharing my knowledge about the game and more so about the classes I play with new and experienced players alike. I enjoy talking to other players to get other point of views on how to become better. I'm usually on TS if you ever want to chat. 

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