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xxNBKxxDemonic grettings!

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Hello there, the names demon and I just started playing eso, just speant the past 2 years traveling the united states and am finally settling down for a bit so I can game again ! whoohoo Im joining hoping to play Elder scrolls online , im interested in role playing aspects of eso and becoming a part of as group that does pvp and raids and alliance vs alliance combat and is just all around more organized then a few friends playing tigether. Im currently working on a healer/tank templar imperial with staff crafting /enchanting skills anf feel I could serve a good healer role in a pvp or pve setting and also a crafting provider for the guild. Im not sure how this website works but i read the tip to post here so hopefully someone will get back to me. my steam info is xnbkx_demonic /  and my in game ESO name is xxNBKxxDemonic . hope to hear from someone! I have read the codex and understand the rules and regs.   I have TS and skype and communicate best through either.

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incorrect steam name and profile info

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Welcome Demonic,


Unfortunately ESO is not a game we play much of anymore however it is always something we are always open too and keep in mind for our future ventures where there is an interest. We are a community of many games though. We're offer a friendly, team oriented and organized gaming community atmosphere and welcome you anytime with us. The best way to find out what we're playing consistently is to check in on our Teamspeak and website.


I look forward to fighting alongside you upon the fields of battle.

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