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Hiro Tenkai

Enter the Hiro

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Steam Profile: DVGHiroTenKai ( I am a Community Leader for "DeviationGaming" hence the tag )


DOB: 1989/22/01


Reason for joining:

I play FF14 with the FC and have been invading the TS since Sethos (FireFox) Allied DVG back in Black Desert Online I am wanting to partake with the FC more and this is one step into that. I do not RP but I am Going to be learning from Odin-Senpai so eventually I would like to partake in the FF14 RP events one day. Also I am looking for a waifu ingame for loots I will pay for the cermony and all that.


About Me: RN-Ricky Barker. I served in the US Army for 8 years, 4 in the Reserves (Fort Carson) and then I switched over to Active Duty in which I was stationed at Fort Wainwright Alasks the coldest Military Installation the US Military has. I was Indirect Infantry (Mortar and yes I have a blue cord). I was Medically Retired after injuries sustained and live comfortably as a 27 year old Retiree in the good ole state of Tennessee. Personality wise I joke all the time even if they are bad. I am always active on TS so if you guys wish to know more about me just ask away I am a talkative type of guy just be warned to have a change of ears handy.


Codex has been read I do like the fact it follows a military system very interesting I look forward to gaming with you guys.



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