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hello, this is scaborius from the begeren colony server on swtor..i have been playing swtor off and on for 5 yrs and also play wow, civ 5 civ beyond earth, rome total war 2, stellaris, eso, and numerous other games.on swtor i have 6 other alts (soon to be 7) on imp side and will have about the same on republic side (currently have 3: 2 on begeren and 1 on a different server)...the other alts are Raexa, Xovos, Alrkish, Skalor, and Vraein..will be hoping to add these 5 and an unknown character to the guild as steam info is SpartanWarrior301, my PSN username (which i will be unable to play due to certain circumstances) is CSARebel1861...i also have a 360 but i do not play online as of yet..if you ever need to get a hold of me, my FB name is Brand Sipple...thank you guys (and gals) for this opportunity

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