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I'm New Here!

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HiYa all, usually go by Ixxa online.  Currently playing FFXIV and want to join the FC there.  

I'm interested in Join because my husband Kohen joined and he said y'all are great.  And I am interested in a FC that uses more team speak/vent for communication while playing.  

Honestly I play more table top RPG's then online games except for the FF MMORPG's, started with FFXI and now FFXIV.  

I think I can contribute to the team because I like to be active helping people or running dungeons, if not i'm already doing something already I am always down.

I look forward to playing with you all!


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Awesome I think you will be a great addition to the FC in FFXIV and welcome to the Community I hope to see you ingame and on here often. And alot of us use the TS so no worries there :p

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