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Hi everyone! Shiro Fourtimes here, but you can call me Four or Cliff. I'm good with either and I'm obsessed with single-syllable nicknames :P 


I'm pretty new to FFXIV, but not at all new to the MMORPG scene. I've been playing since EO back in....well, a long damn time ago. But I've been in love with the Final Fantasy franchise since FFVII and I've always wanted to play this one. Now that my daughter is old enough to play, I finally have an excuse to start myself! 


A little about me: I'm a musician. I work full time in distribution and I also go to school for Computer Science. I've got two kids and I've been married happily for almost 12 years. My hobbies include playing bass in a few bands around town and gaming like a mofo. I don't have too much time for hobbies, though and the two that I have take up pretty much all of my free time. I really only play FFXIV on weekends, but I love to write some juicy RP during the week when I get a few minutes. Oh and I have a really dry sense of humor and I take great pride in my dad jokes.


I've been looking for a guild for only a little while since I'm new to the Balmung server. I transferred here in hopes for some awesome RP and I'm not disappointed! My main goal here and within the FC is to become a DPS monster either as BLM or SUM for raids and PvP. Also to maybe run and participate in RP events when the time allows.


You can always catch me in Discord if you need me! Look forward to meeting everyone in-game!

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