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Hi there, Name is Eric, AKA Haka'nor on FFXIV. 

You can call me haka or eric. Don't Matter to me. 

I'm an old WoW Guy, Grabbed FFXIV to Friends. I play alot of things from MMO's, RTS, FPS, all those.

Used to Tank in WoW, Tanking here as well. Learning as I Go

I've got Discord and Vent somewhere on here. Not much of Social Talker but i can get on and hang out. just be aware Ive got 2 dogs. 2 cats and a wonderful wife.

Looking Forward to gaming with you. 



Read and Acknowledged The Codex

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Hi Haka, welcome to the community. We usually use Teamspeak for voice chat when people want to hang out or when we are explaining mechanics for first timers, but we also have a Discord for the text chat for when people aren't in game or if someone wants to ask a quest or post a picture or what have you. I can PM you a link to the Discord if  someone else hasn't already given it to you, and the teamspeak is just 

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