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Hello from Dran

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Hey everyone, how goes it?

Im Dran Earian, Dranearian, Dran. Whatever you want to call me. I joined up with the FC on Balmung today, as my previous FC decided last night to transfer off. It was quite the rude-awakening :o. I met Fix in a dungeon, and kept running into him everywhere I went so I stalked his FC and sent a message and here I am. Apparently an old friend of mine is a member as well! Kita messaged me on steam basically going WTF are you doing on the discord?!? It was quite comical.

A little about myself, I am currently pursuing a 2nd bachelors degree and eventually a PhD in Astrophysics or a related field. Saying that, as the fall semester comes around my time will be relatively limited as I am taking a full time course load. In terms of gaming, I play everything except horror genre games. I used to be a sponsored Team Fortress 2 competitive player back in the day, so I do take things a bit more serious than I probably should ;)

But yeah, I look forward to meeting more of you. And if you ever want to talk space, HIT ME UP! Ill fill your ear for hours with fantastic space talk! :D For instance, last semester I did an independent research course with a professor who is on the team for Cassini. I was given access to the data from Cassini and actually recreated some of his research concerning Saturn's rings, creating an optical depth profile that basically tells how opaque the rings are at any given radius away from the center of the planet. From this optical depth profile you can do things like determine the size of the particles, and their density! Things we previously and somewhat still do not understand! Ok Ill shut up now. :p

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