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Azoth Zsun's real name is Devin Earle. I enjoy cooking to the point where i refuse to eat pre-cooked food unless im feeling really lazy.

Currently A second year Psychology Student.. working on getting an honor's degree to begin studying law.

Frequently tries to speak dog in order to shut his up whenever a car drives by (doesnt help currently live by a busy intersection Q.Q)

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Lanny Ansar's real name is Ian Roberts, younger son of moderately-renowned Bondage Comics Artist Gary Roberts (Yes, there is also a Canadian Hockey Player with the same name).

I have Severe Bipolar Disorder and PTSD, due to a traumatic event that will not be discussed over forums when i was 5 years old.

I taught myself how to play the drums very well (Most single kickpedal rock tracks are doable for me), and when i first joined my Junior High School Choir at 8th Grade, soon realized i could sing Bass / Baritone rather well.

I played the voice of Audrey II in 9th grade for my school's Production of "Little Shop of Horrors". Recieved the best applause next to Seymour and Audrey. The show over 3 Days made nearly $20,000.

In RL, i may possibly be the laziest person ever, unless it pertains to Firearms, computers, or Video Games, in which i immediately catch an OCD-like symptom where if things are not perfect in my head, it will bug me until i go back and fix it. (Note how i got my Hawkeye Badges for Ordo...)

Lanny Ansar is Level 68, No Prestige in Modern Warfare 2 after only 2.5 Days of clocked gameplay. He also has unlocked nearly every mod for the M4A1 in-game, spare the Extended Mags and Fall camo pattern.

I also have an intense fear of heights that are above 10 feet. If i look down from that height, i immediately get dizzy and nearly fall over.

P.S, i'm also Just a Small town girl, living in a Lonely world.....who took the Midnight Train goin' anywhere.



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Scored a 32 on his ACT, yet can't pass a college course to save his life.

President of my company's name is Kevin. My name is Kevin. A customer who only deals with me's name is Kevin. There's a lot of confusion when we're around each other.

Is fascinated by modern and future body armors, frequently researches new materials for plating and draws concept art of it constantly.

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