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Dascede's Artwork

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To start off with. Sorry if the thread is hard to load.


Did this one just today. I have to be really delicate with my shading, even with hard lead like #2. My hand tends to smear my shadows a lot. :C


Did this one quite a while ago. Making sunsets and blending colors with the most inhibited tool ever is incredible irksome. The dragon sillhouette in the sky was easy enough, though.


Did this one around the same time. You can tell I wasn't really happy. It's another sunset. The water's hard as hell. Trying to figure it out; it's extremely hard to draw water.


Did this well over a year ago and it saved wrong. Probably my shittiest portrait ever. LAWL.


This is a much more improved version of it.

More in replies. =D

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I think that it's time I updated this. A lot has changed in the last few years--not the least of which is that I no longer have just a mouse or GIMP at my disposal. Check back later for new stuff.

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