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ribena Homewood

Aelus Janus; One man, one wheelchair.

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(Aelus Janus) Would you like to know why I am in a wheelchair?

(Aelus Janus) Why I have been crippled?

(Aelus Janus) It was one year ago to this day.

(Aelus Janus) Oops, I mean one THOUSAND years ago to this day.

(Aelus Janus) I was working for Lux Lucis, a mining company.

(Aelus Janus) I was asked, using only my bare hands, to procure a rather gorgeous diamond just below the surface of a far away planet.

(Aelus Janus) In return my life would be spared.

(Aelus Janus) With the advent of nanotechnology and the rudiment effectiveness of atomic-scale robotic implants, I was able to undergo this task with tranquil ease.

(Aelus Janus) I landed upon the surface of this barren planet, with nothing but a crowbar.

(Aelus Janus) Yes. I was naked.

(Desirae Starship) :o

(Aelus Janus) Ominous lighting protruded from fanatical cracks in the surface of the small moon.

(Aelus Janus) Placidity was an oblivious, fallible subject on this harsh world.

(Aelus Janus) I stepped forth into the dark. Provehito in altum.

(Aelus Janus) In teh interest of palliating the pain of warp-taint on my flesh, I pulled my very own flesh from my body.

(Aelus Janus) The planet was alive. It was stirred, as my attempts to satiate my pain were frivolous and unwelcomed.

(Aelus Janus) For three hundred years I dug at the omnicron surface of the reverant planetary mineral.

(Aelus Janus) Vivid. That would be the word to describe this experience.

(Aelus Janus) I ate small, obliquely-shaped insects. To be succinct, they tasted of the electromagnetic spectrum. The vile aftertaste of the warp still resides in my mouth to this day.

(Aelus Janus) One THOUSAND years later.

(Aelus Janus) The finality was acheived only when I dragged the articulately-formed crystal from the surface.

(Aelus Janus) I returned to my ship. Broken. Beaten. Successful. My body was mutilated beyond repair.

(Aelus Janus) Then, as I stepped aboard, the blast-door closed, and I was below the sensor. My legs were crushed.

(Aelus Janus) Hello Ark. Desirae and I were just sharing my experience on a far away planet.

(Aelus Janus) Would you like to join us?

(Ark Dirval) I heard the ending. And... why not?

(Aelus Janus) Sit, my son.

(Aelus Janus) Desirae doesn't know how.

(Aelus Janus) I must be going. There are many present endeavors I must attend to.

(Aelus Janus) Never forget my pain.

(Aelus Janus) /me whipes a tear from his eye with no remorse.

*teleports in to the mist*



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