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Guest [ Guest - Kirshak Clarity ]

I know that I have 3 weeks so that my file is taken into account.

But I would like to know you better and make me spend less for an unknown by asking a few drawings that some of you advise me to come.

As you can see I love technology, weapons, furry and old manga. My technical drawings are very basic, I drew a hand, then I go and I scan software with color drawings.

At this moment I am finishing a drawing that I inspire you, as I had not had more time to look at your uniform that I took of the Imperial Guard. I post here a few hours when I finish the coloring.

I hope you will enjoy my gallery






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Hi, hanging my computer was being repaired I enjoy to do some little drawings, they are still in drafts.

since my hard drive due to be replaced, I no longer have photoshop, I just can't modify or coloring all the draw, to my great regret :sadfrown:

Forgive the lack of details in these drawings, I had a bad memory and my attempts conections on Second Life to make models were a failure. I try to reproduce more than possible the Ordo.

The first drawing is a little scene of fighting in Ordos, I have not taken a particular character, just draw some Ordo in fighting ... (do not care what the leader said.:crazy: )


The second drawing I was inspired to cut in front of the main gate of the base, I took this place because this is where I spend probably the most time.

However (I do not know why), the walls themselves are sliced into DCA wall, the walls of the base into a sort of giant Barracks, and the mountain are replaces by some plants and factory.


And if you what Crash, it will be a pleasure to draw you something :D

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^^, just if you are online in world and in titan and i'm there, you can look at my av or take a av i dont mind so you can draw, one thing i dont got money D:

agree, don't worry, I've never charged for my services, I am not enough experienced for requesting a salary, and then I do not like asking money for this kind of service... i like draw for friends and it's an honor to draw for the Ordo :smug:

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Salut à tous

Après un très longs moments d'absence, j'aimerais poster une petit quelque chose pour vous dire que je ne vous quitterais jamais.

Je vous adore tous, donner moi vos commentaires.



I sometimes forget the need to translate before saying stupid things >_<.

Hi all

After a very long time of absence, I would post a little something to tell you that I would never leave you.

I love you all, give meh your comments.

Edited by Kirshak Clarity

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