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Jason Backer: 07JULY09 - Honorable

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Jason Backer, E-5, submitted an honorable resignation and provided a heart-warming, respectful note to my person in regards to his position and reasoning. Mr. Backer, as many of you knew, was once an Alliance Navy admiral prior to joining the Ordo. The AN's leader (as of yesterday), Bizcuit Vanbrugh, stepped down and added a tick mark toward the AN's difficulites. Mr. Backer was approached with the possibility of taking the reigns.

Although I must say it is with great regret that I see him leave, I am thrilled and infused with a sense of relief to see the AN now under his watch. Jason is one of the finest, most diligent individuals I have ever met. Beyond that, he has presented a sense of loyalty and honor to the Ordo Imperialis, without pause. It is now a new era, one that has erased years of history and a tendency for xenophobia between the AN and Ordo.

The AN can be considered friends under Jason's regime, and we will work to ensure a lasting relationship. I have offered the Ordo's assistance in any field-- whether militarily, intelligence, or material wise. We will ensure his success, and through that, ensure the continued legacy of a great organization, and the quality of the military community at a whole.

Congratulations Jason Backer, I wish you the best and I look forward to working with you again.

Beyond that, I do hope that former AN do consider remaining here with us in the Ordo, however I would understand if the desire to possibly return under the new leadership took hold. Please notify me privately if that is the case. I will work to facilitate a smooth transition with Jason.

Thank you all!

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WOW - talk about being hit over the head with a sledge hammer - stunning !

This news of Biz stepping down and our great friend Jason taking the reigns of the mighty Alliance Navy.

All I can say is - way to go Jason - AN is in great hands with you at the helm and you can count on ORDO watching your back ! It is definitely a new age.



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