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Kastrenzo Benelli

Call of Duty 6: Modern Warfare 2

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[spoiler warning.]

I extracted and transcribed the random miscellaneous radio chatter that Shadow Company's radios give off every so often, during the second-to-last mission in the caves. Figured I'd post it here, because it's interesting to say the least. It gives a bit of insight into their professionalism and operational quality, but also into the debate as to whether they are a PMC or a SOCOM task force.


Oxide: Central Command HQ (Oxide's base controller is apparently Shepherd's right-hand man. He has direct contact with him at all times, pre-Price/Soap infiltration, probably face-to-face).

Disciple: Infantry

Mongoose: Infantry

Scaler: Helicopter

Carnival: Zodiak Teams / Logistics(?)

Avatar: UAV

While thumbing through some other files, I also found that at one point during the Zodiak chase mission's development, a Predator UAV was to be used on Price and Soap. Obviously this had been cut.

SC1_1 - HQ_1 - Elimination of possible threat to Hotel Bravo's security.

[Disciple Six] Oxide, this is Disciple Six, We're in the crow's nest two klicks north of Home Plate. We've got two Victors moving along one of our restricted perimeter roadways. Requesting permission to engage with the '50. Over.

[Oxide] Disciple Six, what's the grid on those CV's? Over.

[Disciple Six] Oxide, they're about to cross into Grid Two-Six-Niner-One-Five-Five-Four-Two-Niner and moving on road Three-Nine-Five-GPH. Over.

[Oxide] Copy that, Disciple Six. We've confirmed that the targets are moving to a restricted zone. Standby for clearance.

[Disciple Six] Roger Oxide, we're ready to rock. Just give us the word, standing by.

[Oxide] Disciple Six, you're not cleared to engage. I repeat, do not engage. Gold Eagle wants the make and model on those Charlie Victors. Over.

[Disciple Six] Uh, copy that, Oxide. We've got, uh, two black, light-brown Mercedes G-class trucks, and they look to be at least partially hardened against small-arms fire. Won't reduce the opportunity of our weapons system. Over.

[Oxide] Disciple Six, you're clear to engage. Get your SICs ready, Gold Eagle wants visual confirmation over the 'Net. We'll be sending an RQ4 on your way to slingshot the transfer. Expect it, ETA 2-2-0 Mikes.

[Disciple Six] Roger that Oxide, but there won't be much left to look at, Disciple Six engaging. Out.


SC1_8 - HQ_8 - Overwatch reporting discrepancy during their recon.

[Disciple One] Disciple One to Oxide? Come in Oxide, do you read us? Over.

[Oxide] Oxide reads you, Disciple One. We've got your signal now. Over.

[Disciple One] Oxide, we're continuing our recon sweep of the area due North of Home Plate. Maintaining visual contact with three civilians outside our perimeter, inside 'Gold Dust' and North of the waterfall, how copy? Over.

[Oxide] Solid Copy, Disciple One. Stay perched in Overwatch. You're authorized to send rounds downrange if you see those civilians dropping IEDs on the roadway. Maintain readiness. Over.

[Disciple One] Roger that Oxide, we're locked and loaded. Disciple One out.


SC2_2 - SC3_2 - Not sure what this means. Former military may understand it though. I don't know what CYA is.

[Disciple One] Mongoose Two, Disciple One here, how copy? Over.

[Mongoose Two] Disciple One, Mongoose Two reads you, go ahead.

[Disciple One] Mongoose Two, uh... Interrogative: Are you still assigned to Overwatch activities in MSR-Bravo? Over.

[Mongoose Two] Disciple One, Mongoose Two. Uh, that's affirmative. However, we're checking out some activity west of that zone. Break. Got a section of the ED fence out of commission over here. Over.

[Disciple One] Mongoose Two, uh, we are currently engaged in CYA operations at MSR-Bravo. Interrogative: Uh, what's your deviation timeline? Over.

[Mongoose Two] Heh. We read you, Disciple One. We're looking at about Two-Five Mikes, but we're on the hump already. Gonna owe you one.

[Disciple One] Roger that, Mongoose Two, we'll maintain readiness until visual contact is established. Now get your ass back here. Out.


SC2_4 - HQ_4 - Lol, pizza delivery?

[Disciple Four] Oxide, Disciple Four here. Over.

[Oxide] Disciple Four, Oxide. Go ahead. Over.

[Disciple Four] Oxide, we're posted up at Checkpoint Pinstripe. We've got a convoy of four, that is Zero-Four, uh whitebox delivery Victors requesting clearance to approach Home Plate. Break. Requesting a secure Net channel to transmit credentials: Bandwidth Three-Five-Zero-Mike-Bravos. Non-lossy burst packets over seven Sierras. Over.

[Oxide] Solid copy, Disciple Four, standby for encryption challenge flags. Over.

[Disciple Four] Standing by, Oxide. Over.

[Oxide] Disciple Four, you're clear for data transmissions. Sector Three-Five-Zero over Seven aerial. Encryption key index: Seven-Niner-Julia-Bravo. Initiate handshake. Over.

[Disciple Four] We've confirmed your key index, Oxide. Sending it. Break. Standing by for gatekeeper authorization. Over.

[Oxide] Disciple Four, credentials have been authorized by Gold Eagle. Maintain your posture. We're sending Butcher Three to inventory and escort the convoy through to Home Plate. How copy? Over.

[Disciple Four] Roger, Oxide. Disciple Four copies all. We'll keep 'em sweating until we see Butcher Three. Out.


SC2_9 - HQ_9 - A patrol is behind schedule.

[Oxide] Oxide to Disciple Two: What's your status? Over.

[Disciple Two] Disciple Two to Oxide: Uh, we have held up our sweep through RAZ-Zebra. We're about three Mikes behind schedule. Over.

[Oxide] Copy that, Disciple Two. Gold Eagle wants a reason for the delay. Over.

[Disciple Two] Oxide, we ran into a sandstorm out here. We're taking shelter in a small cave until it clears up. Over.

[Oxide] Disciple Two, your mop suit should do the job here. Get yourself suited up and resume your patrol at an accelerated pace. Over.

[Disciple Two] Roger Oxide, we're outfitting now. We'll be Oscar-Mike in five.

[Oxide] You have One-Two-Zero-Mikes to resume your patrol path, Disciple Two. You're already behind schedule. Home Plate policy for docking hazard pay remains in effect. Do you copy?

[Disciple Two] Solid copy Oxide. Uh, so if we're back early, do we get double pay?

[Oxide] Stay frosty, Disciple Two. Cut the chatter. Oxide out.


SC3_6 - HQ_6 - This engagement was pretty interesting to listen to. Some insurgents loaded up into a truck (a Russian UAZ - the same kinds of truck you'll see patrolling the base in 'Cliffhangar') and tried to run their way through a checkpoint. Failing that, they tried to bribe their way out. When they realized the bribe wasn't going to work, they fought back and got gunned down by Disciple Three. Following that, Disciple Three continues their patrol and a Predator UAV is called in to destroy the vehicle.

[Disciple Three] Oxide, this is Disciple Three. How copy? Over.

[Oxide] Disciple Three, you're coming in weak over the coms. Use the backup frequency and try again. Over.

[Disciple Three] Oxide, Disciple Three here. How do you read me now? Over.

[Oxide] Oxide has you clear, go ahead. Over.

[Disciple Three] Oxide, we have intercepted a local military Victor, about seven klicks South of DRM-Zulu. We have three - that's Zero-Three - foot-mobiles in our custody, one officer and two enlisted. Please advise. over.

[Oxide] Disciple Three, local military is not authorized for travel through our perimeter. Interrogative: What's the status of the Victor? Over.

[Disciple Three] Oxide, uh, I'm not sure. Looks like a UAZ left over from the Russians. It's pretty beat up. Over.

[OXide] Disciple Three, standby for orders. Over.

[Disciple Three] Oxide, uh, our status has changed. These guys are getting aggressive. One of them went for a concealed sidearm. Now they're talking about Euros. I thinking they actually want to bribe.

[Oxide] Disciple Three, you are authorized to use lethal force if necessary. Maintain an aggressive posture as you escort them out of the zone on bearing Seven-Seven-Five by Six-Niner-Two. We'll be tracking with Avatar One. Over.

[Disciple Three] Copy that, Oxide. These guys are -- Woah, WOAH, HEY!

[Oxide] Disciple Three, do you read? Over.

[Disciple Three] Oxide, we're status: green. Three Tangos down. Had to grease 'em. Over.

[Oxide] Solid copy, Disciple Three. Tag the victor with an IR beacon. we're sending Avatar One to blast the zone. Recommit to your patrol zone within ten Mikes. Over.

[Disciple Three] Disciple Three copies. We're Oscar-Mike. Out.


HP_3 - GC_3 - A UAV's patrol supercedes a chopper's, and Scaler Three is ordered to relocate to a more efficient patrol route.

[scaler Three] Scaler Three to Oxide Ground. We are in the air and ready for tasking. Over.

[Oxide Ground] Scaler Three, this is Oxide Ground. Solid copy. We're tracking you clean through Grid Seven-One-Five-Three-Eight-Niner with Net confirmation through the canyon relay.

[scaler Three] Oxide Ground, yep. You've got us. Over.

[Oxide Ground] Scaler Three, be advised: Avatar Two is operating approximately Oh-Seven-Six klicks above you. They've got the AO blanketed. Break. Standby for new orders. Over.

[scaler Three] Solid copy, Oxide Ground. Send it.

[Oxide Ground] Uh, Scaler Three, relocate to Grid Papa-Juliet-November. We're seeing low-grade seismic activity in the area. Go run the canyon and check it out. Over.

[scaler Three] Roger that, Oxide Ground. We'll be in touch. Out.


[Carnival One] Oxide, this is Carnival One. We are patrolling in the waterway East of Home Plate. Looks like we've got some heat signature leakage. How copy? Over.

[Oxide] Carnival One, Oxide copies. Relay grid, over.

[Carnival One] Oxide, heat signature is located at Grid Charlie-Oscar-Delta-Mike-Whiskey Five-Four-Seven-One-Niner. Three-Three meters above the water.

[Oxide] Carnival One, we copy your grid. Send the height again. Over.

[Carnival One] Oxide, height is Three-Three meters above the water. Repeat: Three-Three meters. Over.

[Oxide] Solid copy, Carnival One. Three-Three meters. Standby for deviation orders. Over.

[Carnival One] Carnival One standing by. Over.

[Oxide] Carnival One, move to a concealed location inside your grid and unstrap your optics. we need your eyes on the thermal leak until we can verify that it's visible to Sat-Recon. Maintain readiness and keep us posted. How copy? Over.

[Carnival One] Good copy, Oxide. Carnival One out.


Someone's been stealing Zodiaks from Shepherd. Tsk tsk. Naughty naughty. Made Soap and Price's jobs easier though, I guess.

[Carnival Three] Oxide, Carnival Three here. We're currently verifying the new stock of Zodiak RHIBs, and we've got a problem here. Over.

[Oxide] Carnival Three, this is Oxide. Describe the nature of the problem. Over.

[Carnival Three] Uh, it looks like the strong-box was compromised in-transit, Oxide. I've got only eleven out of twenty as marked in manifest in Seven-Charlie-Alpha. Break. Two of these have significant rips to their hull and are unusable. Over.

[Oxide] Solid copy, Carnival Three. Finish your inventory and double check that all functional RHIBs are patrol-ready. How copy? Over.

[Carnival Three] Roger Oxide. ETC: Two hours. Repeat: Zero-Two Hotels. Carnival Three out.

Also, another tidbit: Actual Shadow Company infantry are keen to pick up on the fact that Soap and Price are SAS based on their combat styles, which they know from the SAS handbook (as quoted from their battle chatter files). Apparently they have access and clearance to that information, which is top secret as I understand. They also state that Soap and Price move very predictably, and that they've downed tougher targets than the two of them.

Finally, and most curiously, one battle chatter line has them saying, and I quote, "Headshots pay double; keep your shots high and tight." They're apparently being paid to eliminate targets. Judging by the conversation posed between Disciple Two's sandstorm patrol and Oxide, they may be paid through a manipulation of the hazard pay statutes. They are also apparently paid to eliminate Makarov's Ultranationalist troops in the Boneyard, as they are able to remark about being paid double for headshots on them, as well.

More transcripts to come later, if I can find the time.

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It might also help to know that a Private Security Company also exists in reality, and it just so happens to be called Shadow Company. It's possible that the developers named the in-game group after them in tribute, but highly unlikely. Slightly believable, due to the amount of documentaries and books released about their operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and multiple other dangerzones.

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Shadow Company is a blanket term used by many, many publications to signify the dark implications of hiring PMCs. Shadow Company is not a real PMC, the documentary is merely calling its exposé as such due to the "shadowy" nature of corporatizing warfare. I doubt that a PMC would call itself Shadow Company in reality, because of this very same implication. Such an implication would be very, very bad for business. Blackwater USA, for example, renamed itself due to the word "black" having such a negative connotation, as well as Blackwater's disasterous complementary media coverage.

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Shadow Company is a blanket term used by many, many publications to signify the dark implications of hiring PMCs. Shadow Company is not a real PMC, the documentary is merely calling its exposé as such due to the "shadowy" nature of corporatizing warfare. I doubt that a PMC would call itself Shadow Company in reality, because of this very same implication. Such an implication would be very, very bad for business.

Sense. This makes it.

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Steam: Kellervo713

Rank: 32?


Such a geek I named them after Cohors A. c______c;;;


Tavor + Shotgun + Red-Dot

Magnum + FMJ

Bling Pro

Stopping Power Pro

Steady Aim Pro



Vector + Red-Dot



Stopping Power Pro

Scrambler Pro



M60 + Grip


Sleight of Hand Pro

Cold-Blooded Pro

Ninja Pro



Barrett .50 cal

Glock 18 + Akimbo


Cold-Blooded Pro

Scrambler Pro

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Those PC guys don't get to have all the fun, I think we should list our Gamertags and Classes for Modern Warfare 2.

And we should also decide on a Clan Tag just to Show our Ordo Spirit and make our presence more identifiable.

Unless you already have a clan tag cuz u dum. :<

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The enemy shouldn't be behind you in the first place. :V

But srsly, I think we should adopt the clan tag of ORDO, so when we bump into each other we'll all be like hai!

Edited by Sykes Foxclaw

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[OI] Foxy invader steam ( [OI] ^8Foxy ^8Invader )

part time invader

Rank 63

83xx Kills


42xx Deaths

Main guns

M4A1 Holographic aimdot , Quick reload ,Hardliner, Commando

FAL Silencer,Holographic Aimdot ,sprint ,cold blooded, Commando

Assist / Snipe

EB21 heartbeat/Acog | Heatbeat/Silencer ,fast reload,cold blooded,long breath

Second weapon

M9 Akimbo

Tmp aimdot

LOLOLOL klass knifing people XD

Akimbo miniuzi

Akimbo Glock18


The extra leight weight thing to sprint faster


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Just hit Prestige #9 Yesterday and we are up to Level 24 already.

I say we because its the guy next door to me, and everyone on the floor comes to play.

The User anme is Cracky221

You will usually find me playing Team Deathmatch with the aptly named "Jew" Class, which, at the moment, is Tavor (M203 or MARS) constantly changing secondary, Marathon, Stopping Power, and Commando/Steady Aim with Flashes and Symtex.

If you find me in Hardcore Team Deathmatch, I will be using the even more aptly named "Nin-Jew" class, which will be either an SMG or Sniper rifle (the latter solely for the ghille) A pistol or machine pistol, flash, symtex, Marathon, Cold Blooded, and Ninja. Probably wont find me in hardcore until we unlock Ninja and Cold blooded again.

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