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Lestat Umarov

Watchmen Commission-You can be in it! :O

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Alright, I was speaking with Jailbird on FA and brought up two commission ideas, the second I "may" post in another thread in the near future. The first idea I had is to get a picture of my character drawn as the comedian from the watchmen. I got to thinking and figures it would be cooler if it was a group shot so I started asking around. Jailbird quoted me at $60-$70 but the more people the more it might go up. But...the more people that pitch in the cheaper the commission will be in the end overall. Once I figure out how many people wanna be in the commission I'll submit all the detail to jailbird and post how much she wants for it. What I require from "you" is a valid paypal account, money to pay for the additional character, character references, FA account(if you have one), and who you want to be. Below is a list of who's expressed interest in what characters. It may be subject to change.

The Watchmen:

The Comedian-Lestat $30-For initial commission.(Paid...Obviously:/)

Silk Spectre II-Landreu $15-for additional character.(Paid)

Captain Metropolis-Lupus $15-for additional character.(Paid)

The Silhouette-Tsume $15-for additional character. (Paid)

Silk Spectre I-Jester $15-for additional character. (Paid)

Rorshach-Keller $15-for additional character.(Paid)

Ozymandias-Xayvien $15-for additional character. (Paid)


Total: $120

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