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Lestat Umarov

ISP Bandwidth

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Oh wow Zero, I can't even imagine an upload rate worse than mine from the same provider (in another state).

Should be glad you get better than dial-up Desereck, as I know some out in the middle of nowhere have no means of internet service beyond it without satellite-based communications.

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I win.


Wow. And I thought mine was pretty good...That's fantastic. You must be able to dl a movie in like 3 minutes. What provider do you go through and what to you pay a month? :o

@ Zero: I've never had upload this good. It's great for torrenting or uploading to FTP's.

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I'm about to make everyone else feel much, much better.



telus is like the mutant child of rogers and bell <_< but I assume you live rather country side out west ;p yey canada for having random areas of absolutely nothing ._.

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