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Political Compass Test

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If one wants to really be avant garde these days, they join the College Republicans.

Nah man, Libertarian party is the hippest party right now, finally usurping the Green party, which has until fairly recently held the position since the early 90s. Genuinely caring for the environment became mainstream since Al Gore made that movie and all the midtown everybodies got into it and fucked up the whole scene. All the hipsters moved on to Libertarian, which not only retains the Green party's benefit of being a hopeless third party that you can throw your vote away on (giving you the image that you are different and you care without really caring, which is every hipster's ultimate goal), but the Libertarian party's tiny-government philosophy is pretty fresh compared to all that stale Che Guevara shirt moderate-socialist stuff that people have been doing since like '03. So fucking fin, man.*

*Disclaimer: Grain. Of. Salt. D:

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I did a more diagnostic study of my results over the course of a month, at a random interval. The page that has my results is long gone from my history but I do still have the numbers (can't seem to plug them into the Build your Own Chart page).

9OCT11: -7.25, -6.05

14OCT11: -4.75, -5.90 (1st test)

14OCT11: -6.25, -5.38 (2nd test)

16OCT11: -7.50, -5.90

17OCT11: -7.75, -5.90

19OCT11: -7.75, -6.21

23OCT11: -7.62, -5.95

31OCT11: -7.50, -6.15

(Found the chart.)


As you all can see, I shot a sub-MOA group...with two fliers.

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