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Tiridates Mikadze

Tiri actually CAN draw.

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Okay, since Vegna abandoned us, I no longer have to pretend to be doing more for the "Vegna: Man of Truth" comic-crap I was doing. Instead, enjoy, for those of you who haven't yet found my FA page, some art. Most everything that I will post will be related to Ordo.


This is a page from my Diary. I have a closet pasted with pictures of Aryte and little paw-shaped candles.


This was me back in my Cobra Commander days. Man, I sure was crazy back then, but I'm glad I'm off my meds now.


This is just a quick idea I had for uniform colourations that would help people identify branch affiliations on officers. Integrated primarily into the sashes you may see officers wearing.


This is from when Ordo was still just the East Street Wolf-thugs. Man, we sure have come a long way, but to tell the truth, Aryte's still a bit of an OG.


Messing around with ideas for Praetorian armor and the crap that would go on it. Nobody listens to my ideas, though :(


Quick, crappy doodle of a spaceship. Picture of Aryte looking good in a variant uniform I designed.


Lestat bugged me so much,I drew him bugging me. Don't bug me, I will only draw your smoldering corpse.


Some doodles for a sekrit Ordo Armor design can be seen in one corner (Yes, Zerowinged, I'm working on it, push off, fuzzy) Also present, the sexiest waffle alive, a smattering of homosexuality, and a little doodle of a possible mural I might bother making sometime when I'm not lazy.


Aryte is all about the making of Mickey Mouse public domain as I am, apparently, if not more so, as he appears to be wishing to add Mickey's Carbon to the public domain of soil content.


Man, my personal imagining of the Ordo sure as hell scares the crap out of everyone else's :(

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I made the last one my desktop. Because it's always what I imagined death would look like. Except mines was on a hilly barren wasteland and Death was standing at the top of one hill playing a pitchy flute while the wind blew his cloak and I could smell the ripe scent of decay and waste wafting from him. So.. A lot like what I imagined :D

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More of my crap:


Practicing methods of drawing, and styles. the seemingly black blob will become, magically, a spacecraft.


Update on the Antesig heavy armor concept.

I like the chestpiece idea, especially the neck armor attached to the shoulder area. You have no idea how many IRL Body armor manufacturers leave that out and then they lose their contracts because too many of their customers at war end up taking a bullet to the neck and dying instantly.

Also, a suggestion. I saw the outside chest armor (I call 'em football pads half the time because they have big goofy shoulderpads) only went down to about the Pec area of the chest. My idea was to have a smaller plate in that groove of the chest that goes to about....mid-torso? (And of course have it angled at the end so it doesn't look like a steel square was taped there). So then all that's exposed really is that space between the belt and the mid-torso (About a few inches worth of stomach, which can be armored with a kevlar-lined shirt inside). Also, i came up with the idea of the crotch armor that attached directly to the belt, and covered some of the belt front, and went down to the crotch. I know, you'd ask "Then how do you remove the belt if it's in the way of the buckle?" well, you have the plate strapped to the front of the belt with those ol'fashioned GI issue straps and buttons, and the buckle hides underneath the plate. But i mean, nobody will see that anyway, since belts don't come off that way in SL.

Just the two cents from another artist and concept designer.


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Agares was being dramatic.

In most cases, I wouldn't be disclosing my identity, and I certainly wouldn't stick to something as flashy as the shifting mirage face in most cases.

In fact, I'd rather be wearing my official scary uniform with the faceless mask/helmet, than making a spectacle of myself, but Agares wanted to be unambiguous and theatrical.

The truth is, without the uniform and it's rather distinctive attire, nobody would actually know what Tiri would look like, since he can assume most any external visage he needed, sometimes different ones to different people at the same time.

This is just one of those, and incidentally corresponds to a skin I've been working on in SL.

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