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[Ordo] Promotions: 13JUNE10

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If you are missing a PRF: see your unit lead!

If you are wondering why you haven't been promoted: make sure you've done your promotion exams! Many of you are not taking advantage of it.

No idea what those are? See me!


Kryo Recreant

Kiyaru Kanto


Alecto Sciarri - [E-2]; [Marksman] +25qp

Ciel Eilde - [E-2]

DarkHades Demonia - [E-2]; [Combat Prowess]; [Armatura]+25qp

Daymian Decosta - [E-2]

Ericsson Turbo - [E-2]

Eriksson Foxtrot - [Comrade Support]+25qp

Exterminatus Footman - [E-4]

Femme Lisa - [E-2]

Garion Lowenhardt - [Extended Service]

Genostrike Sautereau - [E-4]; [Good Conduct]

Heather McKay - [O-5]

Heavy666 Bolden - [Comrade Support]+25qp

Jake Stoanes - [E-2]; [Combat Prowess]+25qp

Jason Backer - [O-2]

Kiyaru Kanto - [Comrade Support]; [Recruitment Merit] +50qp

Kryo Recreant - [O-1]

Maverick Garfield - [E-4]

Nikeo Fairlock - [E-2]; [Comrade Support]; [Armatura]+25qp

Nikki4 Aquitaine - [O-1]

Nox Chamerberlin - [E-2]

Nrom Noramndy - [E-2]; [Combat Prowess]; [Armatura]+25qp

Shippo Coba - [E-4]

Tsume Xiao - [Comrade Support]+25qp

Vincent Lucerne - [Extended Service]

Wesley Paine - [Comrade Support]+25qp

Zanndor Aeon - [E-8]

Zero Itamae - [O-4]

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