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  1. With your large walls and your sexy curves, you were the oddest women to ever be seen in a crappy social simulator but you were a damned good exploration! I never blamed you for your craptastic loading errors or your bizarre unit collision as those weren't your fault, but that of the Lindens who don't know how to code proper functioning systems. May half the grid enjoy the copies of you through the grids that many a person has posted on seedy forums and torrent sites, ranging from your humble beginnings to your untimely (yet everyone saw it coming as soon as Huttser squealed with glee over PS2) demise. The pixel'd blood and the little bits of fur everywhere that was never cleaned up forever staining your landscape. Was the new you ever completed? Who knows?! I was glad to be at the wrap up meeting and it was quite fun enjoying the social experiment that was an Elite SL Military. You Ordo kids have fun with your manly man simulator. In all fairness it's nice to see everyone actually fighting in a game that makes logical sense to fight in. <3 Ordo If y'all need me I'll be over in Connery, curb stomping your sister outfits into the ground like the incompetent trash that they are. Not a stab at Ordo or any allies, just for some odd reason the TR over here are complete trash. Also the Vanu all seem to only speak Japanese... What's up with that? http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=Z1pb9kvY8Cw#t=19s
  2. Honestly Xoza, everytime I play it I get as spooked as I did playing the first one. LUCKILY THERE ARE NO FACEHUGGERS to 1-shot you but with the aliens running the ceilings, in the vents, able to cloak... oh man it's creepy to play sometimes.
  3. <16:55:46> "Incognitustealthy Resident": THERE <16:55:49> "Incognitustealthy Resident": IS A FfffING TERRORIST <16:55:51> "Incognitustealthy Resident": IN THE HUB <16:56:05> "Incognitustealthy Resident": I DON'T HAVE A MOUSE RIGHT NOW <16:56:10> "Incognitustealthy Resident": SO SOMEBODY BETTER LIBERATE THE SHIT OUT OF THEM <16:56:18> "Incognitustealthy Resident": OR SO HELP ME LINCOLN, I WILL MURDER THEM <16:56:20> "Dresden Xaris": AMERICA <16:56:23> "Dresden Xaris": IS SO HAPPENING <16:56:25> "Dresden Xaris": RIGHT NOW <16:56:27> "Dresden Xaris": SON
  4. I was actually talking with Eclipse/Ray(Casualties) while they were working on filming this, he's the worst Gorger ever.
  5. Drasa if you need anything try and get a hold of me and we will bus you out some supplies n stuff. Stockpiled early. We should be golden for about a three month span + water up to wazoo. I don't think the storm will Katrina our neck of the woods. Territory over here is nothing but farmlands and ditches, might help out. Also hey, never knock having a weapon just to be safe.
  6. Holy crap you're alive! The picture is of a lower quality "trail mix" variant it seems. The kind I normally get look like Hershey bars, just with a god-awful surprise.
  7. SWWWWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE' BABEH RAYS. Oh man I have like 3 bottles of this stuff in my fridge. Best kind of BBQ sauce next to homemade. My favorite: Ze ghost pepper! So much burning, so little time! Favorite spicy snack would be: Ghost pepper in chocolate. It's so amazing and depending on what else is in it can really crank up the flavor. I like it with pumpkin seeds <3
  8. Friggen.... Okay we got the video re-uploaded and it's working properly now! />http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=atT736FbV4U&feature=player_detailpage
  9. That works too I suppose. We've gained a few recruits since the video went out with people poking us about the video, and the end part of it is something that I think the outfits always done with their videos.
  10. Watched video, realized it's a different angle from like 20 other vids taken. This was recorded on the EU1 server. Bit of backstory for wtf is going on here. Basically my outfit, Better Red Than Dead, was recording our footage for recruitment attraction and we more or less got really bored. Eventually we found some idiot glitched into the wall spamming party music, moon was just overhead, we figured "Ffff it, we could use a party scene!" Most of the people around the beacons are ours, a few of the MAX's showed up with flamethrowers as well for a good ole party. Another side: [media]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6IyZGzip1M&feature=player_detailpage Our Recruitment video (NO HUTTSER WE AREN'T TRYING TO STEAL YOUR SOLDIERS): (Vid fixed, just put it in another post. MEH)
  11. Nobody has the name of Steven.
  12. :< why you gotta hurt me Steven?
  13. My desktop, not much but eh.
  14. NAME: Kovino Firehawk RANK: Discens E-2 DIVISION / COHORS: Terra CURRENT STANDING: Good
  15. Congrats everyone.