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  1. Iolair

    Eight Years

    So how's Tsume been doing?
  2. Iolair

    Hello from a returning "oldie".

    Yeah, strange how thing kind of come full-circle. But found my way to ArcheAge and happened to see some OI tags. So I asked Kisho. Sure enough... Well, you get the idea.
  3. Iolair

    [AA] Getting Started

    This is a project that a friend of mine helped to compile, strongly recommend getting familiarized with it to ease the trade pack quest craziness: Also, timer apps for you farming folks: Android OS: Apple OS:
  4. Getting back into the swing of things.

    1. Crimson Nexys

      Crimson Nexys

      It's good seeing all the old faces as Black November approaches. If you need any other help, Just let me know :3

    2. Angelin01


      Crimson... we are still 2 months away from that. Chill, you still have to wait a LONG time.

  5. Thought I might introduce myself or re-introduce myself to some of you who known me from OI's Second Life days. My name there was "Heather McKay" and I served in the Astra and Officium Curia divisions from November 2008 through August 2012. In the gap of time between then and now, I've played Guildwars2 on the Stormbluff Isle server and I was an alpha player on ArcheAge from roughly May-August 2014. Looking hopefully to meet with old friends and make new friends, so here's to a successful future.
  6. Welcome to the community Iolair! =)

  7. Iolair

    Syfte Update

    Miss you being around "Navy Bunny". Hope you're doing well other than your hand still being bound up in a cast.
  8. Iolair

    Carrious Darbycon 2012

    Lone's the closest one to you.
  9. Iolair

    Request from Syfte

    Syfte texted me this evening, requesting some help for a RL friend of his: So yes, Syfte's looking for a home for some furry friends, as apparently the Humane Society is not an option on Sundays. Contact Syfte directly with the phone number: (478) 235-4723 Or email the dogs' owner at P.S. Seem like cute dogs from the picture, my cell phone is being ornery about sending the picture to the computer.
  10. Iolair

    Mother's day

    Gave my mom and grandma gifts, and planning on going to an aunt and uncle's house shortly for dinner to celebrate mother's day.
  11. Iolair

    Remember when...

    When we had major "Operations" (Campaigns) that lasted for hours on end.
  12. Officium Curia is looking for new lictors and consiliators at this point in time, likely three individuals in each section for a total of six new members. Requirements: Lictor/Consiliator candidates will be required to meet the following Criteria: ~ You need to be at LEAST E-4 ~Have at LEAST 4 mos in Ordo ~Have a clean record (preffered that no CIRs be present in the applicant's history with the Ordo Imperialis) ~Have a letter of recommendation from your CO/XO explaining why you are an acceptable candidate (send through notecard or forum IM to Heather McKay) ~History of sufficient activity levels to perform your duties (Active on a nearly daily basis would be preferred) Please include the following information in your reply to this post: Name: Rank: Squad: Merits/Date: Current Curricular/Extra Curricular Activities: Position you are wishing to be considered for:
  13. Iolair

    Over two years of service?

    3 years this past November.
  14. Iolair

    How Curia works

    To explain a bit as to why this topic has arisen, in the case of someone whose application is denied, yet they are placed in CDF. Generally that is due to the person having had a degree of history with the Ordo Imperialis, or some aspect of their military history has triggered concern among one or multiple consuls. In other word, application "red flags". Rather than simply flat-out denying the individual, they are offered a chance to redeem themselves in CDF to observe how they interact with the overall Ordo Imperialis population. Sometimes this screening process works to the benefit of the applicant and they are later accepted, in other cases they have been dismissed from CDF. This is the nature of the circumstances that lead to someone being placed in CDF. As for the precise reasons they are placed there, they will not be displayed unless it pertains to a certain member of the Ordo Imperialis. Otherwise, don't ask.
  15. OK, going to bring this up here, as there have been a fair number of questions and concerns coming to me pertaining to certain individuals mixing and matching portions of their uniforms to create a certain look on their avatar. First off, I wish to present everyone with what the handbook has to say on the matter. The current edition of the handbook states the following: Now, to elaborate on what the handbook says, we are not to mix the armor sets unless they have approval from Aryte, or one of the consuls of Curia. That being said, it needs to be noted in the forums under Curia Approvals that it has been approved, please. Secondly, the mixing of uniform modifications between squads is something that is not encouraged. If you are a member of one particular alpha squad within Terra, you should either be wearing the standard UCA pieces for Terra or the squad specific armor pieces. Only those who administer to all of Cohor A may wear neutral pieces, this being the CO, XO, and Adjunct positions within the administration of Cohor A. Unfortunately regulating modifications to the uniforms of the group serves the purpose of uniformity among group members. It is disheartening to some to have a lessened form of individualism, I realize, but it does serve a purpose of identity among Ordo members. Also, we have to take into consideration each individual's choice in avatar, as some of our options do not suit everyone (as to a question I received concerning human feet vs furry feet). So that being said, at this point some of these matters are going to have to be discussed and fine tuned, I do believe.

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