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  3. >.> SW:TOR ..... Changing one life at a time :)

  4. Well one day we had way too much time on our hands and decided to do something silly. Well, they decided to do something silly. I just took all of the pictures. When Ordo Goes Wild After some of that happened they decided to take on the world boss on that resides on Nar Shaddaa. With only weapons in hand they fought off the droid and claimed victory in the name of Ordo!! Right on guys! Too Many Tatooine Sunburns On Nar Shaddaa There was a bit of time between this and that but there was a Nightmare Pilgrim run. Just one of these bosses has over a million hit points the other half a mil. They took their hits like champs and then came back around for another go and made him eat his words. Not only did Ordo represent but we had allies in there as well. Wonderful work guys. The Challenge of the Nightmare Pilgrim I hope you enjoy in the fun. We all did. <3 SW:TOR - Ordo
  5. Well here it is .... Oricon :) Dread Fortress On Oricon Lots Of Lava Crashed Ship Still Doing Research
  6. Right now it's hard. I came back again but this time I don't think I can leave. I now know that this is what family is. I have missed my family and all of you. I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz saying "Theres no place like home." I told Xoza last night that I don't know how I made it as long as I did without all of you. While I was gone I was missing my heart but now I'm whole again.

  7. I think I'm back .... back again ^-^

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      Shady's back, tell a friend.

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      Slim shady?

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      Renu Swiftwind

      YAY! you gonna be on SWTOR on the pub side?

  8. So after some time away from Ordo trying to catch up on finding a new apartment and then the daunting task of actually moving. Well, while all this was happening I got a call from my best friend's mom. I don't think I could ever imagine that I was about to get the call that I did. I was informed that the woman I grew up with and had been there so much for me had decided that it was better to not be here anymore. To not bless my world and anyone else's world with her smiling face any longer. For the past couple of days all that can enter into my head are the why's and the what if's but I know almost all of the answers. They didn't think that she was going to make it when she came into the hospital and only about 4 hours after she went in did her heart finally say that it was done trying to fight. 6 hours after my phone call my friend, my ex-lover, and the person I told all my childhood secrets too was gone. I was asked if I wanted to share this with you all because Xoza was right. Sometimes it does help to talk about or in this case write about it. I can sit here ant tell you she was an amazing person but the thing is none of you can actually know this now. I can't actually say, "You see this gal? This babe right here rocks my world!" I can but now it has a bit of a different meaning to it. She has really rocked my world but it's not for the better. In the end however I'm left with a hole that no one will fill. <3 to you all Kullastia
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    Oh noes not the dreaded +10 holocrons!! I'm up for whatevs so i'm not gonna answer the poll ... just like slap me on the boards whan y'all wanna do this shiznit :p