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  1. Xoza


    GTA Online with million dollar horses and wagons?
  2. Xoza


    Welcome back Crash. Odin, stop deleting my Posts.. jeez.. I'm trying to get to 5000!
  3. Xoza


    Odin Omega... Yep Welcome Dano!
  4. Xoza

    Odin Made Me Do This

    Welcome Sue!
  5. Xoza


    We got this. I got him ranked up in TS. E-1 since he's already been with us for a week and I GUESS he's a cool person.
  6. Xoza

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Post your epic meals and/or creations here! This is what I brought to my family's gathering. Baked Mac & 3Cheese + Veggies & Croscants
  7. Xoza


    Welcome Verbaine! Now I have to wait for you to be online for more Path of Fire... *sigh*. Share your YouTube so we can stalk you.
  8. Xoza


    I've been interested. Can't afford the $30 right now. A lot of concern about dev favouritizm, flashbanning and admin abuse.
  9. Xoza

    Meow Meow!

    Oh, It's Oni. Your intro sucks. :p
  10. Xoza

    Guild Wars 2

    I believe there are free transfers as well to specific lower population servers.
  11. Xoza

    Guild Wars 2

    Apparently WvW is 'much better' now. Meaning if we want to roll together in WvW, we'll need to compile on the same server. Any ideas?
  12. ✠ ✠ Wish to reward others for their work or missing an award you believe you've earned? fill out a member recognition form! ✠ Curious why you have not received a promotion? First, consider if you have fulfilled the necessary minimum requirements and activity levels. If you have, please contact an officer so we can discuss it and provide direction. Keep up the good work! ✠ Contact an administrator if you are seeking elevation in the community, looking for a leadership position or special duties. There's always tasks to be done and positions are open. ✠ If you need any help at all, contact your chapter leadership, staff member, or any officer, they're here to help you enjoy your gaming community experience. ✠ Please remember to visit our social media, other members, other chapters and communicate, it's painless. There's a place for everyone here, discover yours today. [Portal] [Google+] [Facebook] [Reddit] [Steam] [Twitter] [Twitch] [YouTube] [Awards] (Awards are currently out of commision, we will be bringing them back as soon as we can.) N/A [Promotions] If your rank is inaccurate in Teamspeak or on the Forums, let us know so we can fix it. Rank progression is as follows. C-1 = Joined the community / forums and made a welcome post. Enlisted (Assigned due to duties or otherwise a member of the community for...) E-1 = 2 weeks. E-2 = 6 months E-3 = 1 year E-4 = 2 years Warrant Officer (Assigned by leadership) Officer (Selected by the Imperator) [Misc] (What is AP? / Where can I spend AP?) @abkfreeman - 3 @Aelus - 3 @Alcatraz - 29 @Aldotsk - 158 @Alice Rosanberg - 15 @Alice007 - 3 @Angelin01 - 3 @Aurion - 18 @Ba'alor - 6 @BaiHu27 - 3 @BellaW - 9 @BlackSergal - 18 @Bonne - 24 @CaptainFishSticks - 27 @Ciscozero - 83 @Crimson Nexys - 6 @Cummies - 51 @DeathlyAnubis - 3 @Dread Lord Nalzarion - 21 @Erii - 57 @Erro - 12 @Exious - 15 @Firriona Vie - 3 @Fix silva - 165 @Harley Quinn - 6 @Hechtorsx - 3 @Hesruk @Hesruk - 6 @Horton - 3 @hulkman - 81 @Indy - 135 @Islif - 6 @Ixxa - 141 @Izari - 18 @Jarev'oq - 15 @Jundani - 6 @Jung - 9 @Kavia - 9 @Keeneal - 9 @Kiasha - 90 @kitacantos - 96 @Knight - 81 @Knoxsis - 3 @Kohen - 84 @Kyle - 6 @L'yahn Tia - 3 @MadSeasonOfGrief - 15 @MarinaYasu - 3 @Michan Moonlight - 3 @Morzaan - 12 @Nemrthit - 18 @Netzeom - 55 @Nominal - 42 @NuzzyLus Resident - 3 @Odin047 - 371 @Ravennse - 124 @Rei - 3 @Revenus - 51 @SalemAdams Wobbit - 9 @Shiro Fourtimes - 3 @SoberIronman - 15 @StriderXIX - 8 @Subrevia - 6 @Thectelo - 18 @Trophy - 87 @Vaiken - 3 @Valos - 33 @Varis Nunh - 27 @veli - 3 @Vincent Kroitschov - 3 @Wile-e coyote - 33 @Wolf Shaman - 9 @Xevrand - 13 @Xoza - 53 Check out all the cool things you can buy with your AP! You can even trade AP with others. (Don't forget to recommend awards and document activity in a log, anyone can do it! More awards with more entries!) ✠ ✠ If you don't have an account nor are a member, we can't recognize your achievements. Help build the community, get involved. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me directly.
  13. Happy Birthday Legion

  14. Xoza

    Hello !?

    Welcome Izari!
  15. Egg Salad Sandwiches With eggs being really cheap right now, there are plenty of recipes and tips out there for using eggs. This is easy and quick enough you should be able to toss it together and be happy with it. Gaming impediment time: 15 minutes. Don't forget to set timers. Ingredients: Eggs Mayo Mustard Paprika Green Onion Salt Pepper Bread Hard Boil Eggs Fill pot with cold water just enough that it would cover one egg. Add a little vinegar and salt to the water. Place the pot on the stove and place eggs in. Set stove on high and cover. Wait for a rolling boil (consistent boiling). Remove from burner and let sit for 12min. Remove eggs from water and let cool and dry. Peel and chop. Mix: Add eggs to mixing bowl or container. Add no more than one tablespoon of Mayo per egg or two. Add Mustard to your liking (no more than a quarter of the Mayo you'd put in, unless you really like mustard). Toss in some paprika, salt and pepper to your liking. (no more than a teaspoon depending on how many eggs you have). Add chopped green onions or greens. (you can use a little onion powder if you don't have anything, same as the above spices). Stir or close and shake. Add to Bread. Win. (primary reference)

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