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  1. Hey all I have been organizing a game for DND 3.5 to run for a while, I was wondering if anyone here wanted to join? I use roll20 and discord to run games. I have a couple other people that want to play I suppose I can get them to join here if that's necessary. I'm coming here to see if anyone at all is interested to play Saturdays then I can hand out details.
  2. - The name you wish to be known by. In game (FF14) you can call me Gato, or Billy if you want in TS - Your steam profile information. Billyfighter (profile pic is a ninja star) - What games you currently play with us or plan to play with us? FF14, not currently playing any other games yet - What interests you in joining us today and what gaming interests you have? I follow the Hiro Tenkai into battle, I xfered servers to follow his lead. - How you intend to partake or contribute to the community? where best to communicate? I tell mad jokes in TS, random humor is my specialty. I power game and help out n00bs a lot.