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    Long Strolls on the Beach, Clubbing Baby Seels and Killing the Unborn- Steven Lynch


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  1. Hiro Tenkai

    Jay short intro

    Welcome Jay to the best community around ^^
  2. Hiro Tenkai

    Hello, I love cinnamon rolls.

    I love Smore's Rolls. And welcome Zinny to the greatest place on earth or worst :p
  3. Hiro Tenkai

    Been around

    Welcome back :)
  4. Hiro Tenkai

    Hello from Dran

    Welcome to the FC and Ordo. If you need help feel free to hit me up ingame same as Forum name. Look forward to seeing you around on Balmung :)
  5. Hiro Tenkai


    Its all about the Neko Master Race. Welcome to Ordo if you ever wanna cross server party hmu :)
  6. Hiro Tenkai


    Welcome to the Ordo Community Ren
  7. Hiro Tenkai

    Kon'nichiwa :D

    Hello and welcome to the FC if you have any questions feel free to message me.
  8. Hiro Tenkai


    Late Welcome from me but HI! Welcome to the Ordo Community Hope to see you around on TS!
  9. Hiro Tenkai


    Welcome to the FC and Ordo if you need anything hit me up my IGN: Hiro Tenkai
  10. Hiro Tenkai

    Hi There!

    Hey man glad you finally decided to join up :p I almost have all the old group back together just missing a few more people. Anywho I think you will be a great addition to the community.
  11. Hiro Tenkai

    Intro from el Gato

    Hey man welcome aboard. I know you will fit in great here.
  12. Hiro Tenkai

    I'm New Here!

    Awesome I think you will be a great addition to the FC in FFXIV and welcome to the Community I hope to see you ingame and on here often. And alot of us use the TS so no worries there :p
  13. Hiro Tenkai


    Welcome to the Community Aussie John :)
  14. Hiro Tenkai


    Welcome to the community :)
  15. Hiro Tenkai

    Re Introduction

    Welcome to the community :)

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