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  1. Obligatory (Pardon me if this already covered in a non-public forum) Anyone rolling out the Further Confusion this year? Hoping to meet some of you old school SL homeboys, Maza
  2. [05:33] Ayaka Jupiter: Well, that armor makes your butt look good. [05:33] Kristian Kit: My butt makes the armor look good [period]
  3. oh... god... sweet income *rubs benjamins all over his bodice*

  4. Doubly belated happy birthday, fluffball.
  5. phew, good to be working again.

  6. THANK YOOOoooooOOOooou
  7. Good stuff, hail the Imperator!

  9. [2010/09/01 2:31] Mercury: New contact: Whathole Magic [2010/09/01 2:31] Maza Rau: THIS LAVA [2010/09/01 2:31] Maza Rau: IS YOUR NEW HOME [2010/09/01 2:31] Maza Rau: GET IN IT [2010/09/01 2:31] Whathole Magic: OK [2010/09/01 2:31] Mercury: Lost contact: Whathole Magic [2010/09/01 2:31] (COM): zanndor Aeon: lolol [2010/09/01 2:31] (COM): Tenyth Hirano: did you just kill him? :< [2010/09/01 2:32] IM: Whathole Magic: I AM DISAPOINT
  10. Just returned from staffing a furry con/campout/thing.

  11. Your mom > World Cup