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Found 1 result

  1. Sooooo its time once again for a amazing Ordo give away! This time the new DLC for Payday2 with new weapons is on the line. So what you need to do to get in on this is, 1 Have steam, 2 Be a ordo member, 3 Sign up on this page. If only one person posts that hes in then he will win it. If more then one dose it a random number generator will be used to pick the winner of the DLC. For obvius reasons it would be smart to actually own Payday2 befor signing up for this contest and no you cant exchange the win for money or other dlc or game. Its a contest for the Payday2 garage dlc people. A winner will be chosen Sunday night 8dec/Monday morning 9dec and will be mentioned on the forums aswell have a lil notice in the next meeting.
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