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  1. Get Neverwinter nights Dimond Edition for free for the next 30 hours


  2. Get Neverwinter nights Dimond Edition for free for the next 30 hours!

  3. I have played this for ages already
  4. I need more people on Ubsoft so here is my gamertag there! Michan1986
  5. 44$ at this place. Anyone find it at a better price?
  6. We had a server all along just randomly? Who was paying for it? Whats the name of the server?
  7. This game is great and Esva found us a very nice server to play on too :) I am building a castle and esva has a beach fortress
  8. I just gott the Captain Rank on SW: Uprising for the first time. Thats right bitches I am in the top 3000 players around the world!
  9. I strongly recomend for everyone playing this game to save all Crystals for the very special day when Ep7 Releses since it is very likely that there will be some kind of celebration in game.
  10. And so the patch we all have been waiting for finaly arrives! in thos next chapter for star wars uprsiing you can mission to unlock the force and claim the ultimate weapons the lightsaber. Choose your color and ofcourse its optional if you want to be a jedi or not :) Atleast you have to reach over lvl 50 before you can become a Jedi in this game.
  11. Playing Fallout 4 or "Where did my life go" 



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