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IF this THEN that (IFTTT)

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If THIS then THAT, Put the Internet to work for you.


This is a very epic, cross networking web site that allows you to link a ton of accounts to do things for you when stuff happens.


For example...

  • If you're at home, turn on your wifi lights, or adjust your wifi temp controller.

  • If you tweet, spread it across other locations.

  • If you share or upload a video, tweet it or share it in other social media areas.

  • If the weather is rainy in your area, send you an email, text or call you with an automated message.

  • If you press a widget button, make a call, or get a text.

IF, you do something, or something happens to trigger on your connected accounts, THEN do something else to a connected account.


It is surpisingly powerful and fairly easy to use. They also have a mobile application that allows connecting what your mobile device does and they're adding more features. Unfortunately there is a rumor that they're going to add a paid service, but they've claimed it will be to access new, future features or features that require a lot of computer power so I'm not too worried.


If you need any help creating recipes, or tips (I have a few having to do with spreadsheets), please let me know, I enjoy playing with IFTTT.com and discovering new things you can do with it.


A few recipes I use.

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