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    Military technology, Cannoneering, Mcguyvering shit, martial arts (inb4UFCfags), sleeper cars, computers, gaming outside of SL, culinary arts n' shit, dreaming and brainstorming.
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    Windy flippin' Oklahoma

About Me

Hey crazy guy, the hell you doing? Think theres something of mild intrest to be found and enjoyed here on this page? Neat kernels of knowledge and fantastic factoids? Shit, ok, ill play your game, lets see :

Im currently a 13Bravo cannon grunt in the U.S. Army, currently freezing my everything off.

Im batshit dysfunctional, pretty abrasive, and my enemys would call my actions blunt.

I enjoy confusing people to high degrees. So fair warning, dont think you can immediately run up and snugglefuck me while in uniform in some diabetes causing hugfest because im cute and fluffy looking. I do it just to mess with peoples heads typically.

So good news? Im loyal. Oh fuck that, everyones loyal. Yeah true, but I come up with Ordo Imperialis Base and Housing Allowance programs on the spot and outta my own pocket to get some under equipped buttnugget a valuable weapon cause he spent it all on vanity items so someone'll rub his/hers/its butt at a club. Ill sit there into odd hours of the night on some quasi suicide watch for folks upset thinking they need to run away from ordo cause of somethin' goofy. Morality issues, Matters of the heart, Opportunities in the armed forces and sexual health, I HAVE ADVICE FOR EVERYTHING IT SEEMS.

So in short, I pay attention to people. Its my thing. Accountability is like a huge deal with me, so if your in sucky shit, then we're all in sucky shit. Dont be surprised if I notice your profile sporting some crazy talk and I ask you about it.

Im actually pretty nice though. Atleast, I think so. I mean, I jump through some pretty dumb hoops to help people out whether or not they irritate the high hell out of me or not :S

So thats about it, hope that was fun, now gtfo my page and relieve the OIC so he/she/it can go enjoy life.


Status Shit :

INACTIVE : Inbound to next duty station as of 02MAR2011


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