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  1. Thanks a lot Esva... it went to setting up a few things to signing up for more, recovering old ones and discovering new ones... is 8 destinations too much? Also, you should check out it's a gamer centralized networking profile thing.. 


    From what I've found so far though, HitBox still has the most features and stability. also has free partnering.

  2. Wow... I'm a partner now.. 


    I'm starting to like Hitbox a LOT. They're taking all the tools everyone has made and all the features that Twitch holds back from everyone else 'because they're not popular enough' and giving it out to everyone.


    Now, I'm inspired, going to come up with a nightly streaming schedule.

  3. If you do that though you will be doubling up on your upload bandwidth usage, if you are cutting corners like lower resolution and lower FPS or have a really high upload speed you might be able to pull it off.


    You would stream to a private server and that would send the data to other sources.

  4. But then, it came back online within 5min.. I scripted them last night :), hopefully I did it right. Some of the issues though from what I'll looking over are the network, not the server itself.


    I'll look it over though, it should be working fine. Firefox Breed owns our server at a data center and they may be doing some work.

  5. All applications and programs can have spy / privacy concerns it's the world we live in today, you have to decide who and what you trust. I would rather, if they are going to get the data, it go toward some analytical data to a larger corporation that handles tons of data where mine would be an insignificant statistic and program improvement analysis, then another, off brand, unaccountable company, developing an app to specifically use it maliciously.


    In the end, I love my privacy a LOT. I don't like it when they use it to further their own agenda, but there are also good reasons as well. These are what privacy statements are for, those things no one reads... those things that, a lot of times if you want to use the product, you have to agree to. True, the system has it's faults, but what system doesn't? As much as some of us dislike Microsoft, it is one of the more honorable companies that would rather respond to the issue then let it carry on unchecked.


    Again, you just have to decide who to trust and do what you can, responsibly to protect your privacy to the best of your ability.

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    • Hesruk: I won't be around either. Family over.
    • Hesruk:'s only Force lowers threat, but doesn't get me out of combat.
    • Faardor Laar: stuck it
    • Kishoshima: dammit.. I forgot that Hesruk got nerfed
    • Hesruk: /stuck.../stuck...IT'S NOT WORKING!?!? RL glitch...who do I talk to to reset the server?
    • Faardor Laar: uhhh, Obama?
    • Kishoshima: thanks Obama

  7. My Wildstar FPS improved, things seem a bit more crisp as well (noticed this also when I originally upped to Win 8). The one game I haven't tried yet that I have FPS issues with though is TOR, so I'll be trying that out, probably Friday.

  8. If you want to create your own classic start menu you can.

    1. Right click your taskbar

    2. Add a new Toolbar

    3. Link to "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs"

    4. Unlock your toolbar

    5. Move it next to your start menu

    6. Cram the running applications bar, right up against it, so the ">>" shows.

    7. Lock your toolbars.

    I've had this since Windows XP, I used it in 7 a little in 8 and it still works in 10. I'll probably just use tiles but it's nice to see the default shortcut folders and be able to organize them or get program pins from it.

  9. Only issues so far... 

    • Seems really slow at first, may have solved it by turning off all the worthless "apps running in the background" and other stuff in privacy settings.

    • Steam fonts got really, solved by going here, downloading and unzipping and installing the missing fonts (don't overwrite the one's you already have installed, you should only need to install the full CAPITOL.TTF ones).

    • Had to reinstall my video drivers completely.

    Still looking into a few things...

    • Uninstalling "Microsoft Edge", If you don't use IE, you may as well just disable this when it asks, when you do the upgrade initially...

    • NVidia can't tune my games because it doesn't know that I have a compatible card...

    • Interface interactions aren't very responsive. I click close, or a tab and it takes 2 sec or more to do it.


    • If you don't plan to use Cortana, you can disable her, or don't bother setting her up.

    • If you're going from Win 8 to Win 10, take a picture of your tiles, you'll have to set them up again if you want to use them again.

    • Go through all privacy settings, disable everything you don't think you'll need right away, then come back later and re-enable for only those applications when you start to need them to have access... ex: I have my camera disabled, but when I stream again after it pings the need to use the camera, the application that needs it should show up in the list and you can enable it separately. Unfortunately you may have to check privacy often, because I believe this is on by default for new programs, when it's on.

    • Go through all your settings and make sure everything is accurate, again, disable anything you won't need.

  10. There seems to be some consistent activity on our server, we do have an Ordo Imperialis faction for our members (Nuzzy is the leader of it but I can modify that and invite you if needed.)


    I try to keep it up and updated as often as possible, however there's nothing to tell me if it goes down or crashes for any reason and automating recovery has proved difficult (damn you cron!). PLEASE let me know if it needs an update or it's down for any reason...


    Additionally, with the new changes to the game, the scripts have stopped working, however there's a new one in development that we are currently implimenting called "Shadow" that includes a bunch of great tools similar to the previous DTSD.


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