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  1. nopemacroimage.jpg I mean really. Just play MTG with a green deck or something there beastmaster.
  2. A long time friend and colleague of mine was recently killed in the Libyan attack on the US consulate. Sean was a good friend. He was in situ to provide IT services for the consulate, which meant he was on the net all the time, hanging out, and a veteran of deployments in the earliest, gritty days in Iraq. During these deployments, he would occasionally say on messenger "Ffff, incoming" and vanish for a few but would always return shortly thereafter unscathed. We were chatting before it happened, and his last messages were and then he vanished as usual. This time he did not return. My heart and my thoughts go out to his family, his wife, and his children. I don't really know why I'm posting this here, I just needed to get it out somewhere.
  3. Zrazor "I give 'em two months, tops" Rozenstrauch
  4. My fiancées sister recently got accepted to UVic island. That's wonderful news! However since she's the only one going and not the family, she needs a cell phone plan that doesnt break the bank and allows international texting and calls to the US. Any ideas which company she should go with?
  5. The video where he lost his WoW account ...made me laugh and cry.
  6. ✠> From the operational command of the Agentes in Rebus. ✠> Application forms to the AiR. ✠ The Agentes Rebus is opening up recruitment applications. This is for one reason and one reason only. The Ordo Imperialis is a vast war machine that requires constant maintenance. With that maintenance we must also perform several other tasks, such as constant administration and monitoring of our electronic assets, along with the needs of our security administration itself. ✠ > What is the Agentes in Rebus? The Agentes in Rebus is the internal security organization of the Ordo Imperialis. We maintain the spaces of our forums, our simulator and our databases. We monitor day to day activities and act as an electronic security force, securing the Ordo through the efforts of a few good men. We are the first and last line of defense against all subterfuge, foreign or domestic. ✠ > Why should I apply? The Agentes in Rebus is a time honored and valued position for men and women of all ranks and service periods. Applying for the ranks is a sign of personal courage, character and integrity. It is a thankless and hard job in which your true efforts and accomplishments will never be known to anyone. But with your silent service you will protect the assets of your organization, your friends and yourself. ✠ > Is the application process easy? No, it's far from easy. 99% need not apply. A person applying for the Agentes in Rebus must understand that there are certain obligations that they are going to have to fulfill and certain expectations of absolute secrecy. Part of the application process is an extensive interview which some may consider invasive or out of line. A background check on your history within the military community will also be performed and questions that you may not want to answer will be presented to you. It is not something to be taken lightly. It's a potentially career changing choice, for the better or for worse. Only apply if you feel you are going to go through with what you say you will. And most of all, only apply if you feel that it is the right thing to do for yourself. Do note that if you decide to apply, you must maintain absolute secrecy. ✠ > How do I apply for the Agentes in Rebus? Applying for the Agentes in Rebus is a big step. Fill in the application form below, and send it in a Forum PM to Trinity Heckroth ✠ NAME: ✠ RANK: ✠ DIVISION: ✠ DATE OF ACTIVATION: ✠ PREVIOUS DATES OF TERMINATION: ✠ IMMEDIATE CO: ✠ STANDING WITH CURIA: Good standing (No CIRs within the last 1 year of service) [] Inadmissible (CIRs within the last 1 year of service.) [] ✠ What is your motivation for joining the Agentes in Rebus? (200 words minimum.) ✠ Do you consent to a number of interviews and an extensive investigation of your history in the military community? Y: [] N: [] An Agentes in Rebus official will contact you upon the completion of the investigation process and notify you of their decision. If you are accepted, you will enter the training regime on an agreed date. If you are denied you will receive a letter of denial and you may appeal the decision within 14 [fourteen] days. Upon acceptance into the Agentes you will be on a 5 month trial period during which you are expected to be on the best of behavior.
  7. What are the benefits of this corp? What is the purpose? Where is it stationed? Is there a ship replacement program? Is there a capital ships training program? (I.E. If someone were to have all other prereqs, would the corp supply the cap ships skill book?) What are the plans for the future of this corp?
  8. you should let me fly that dread pilot around ;D
  9. I'll put my hands all over a Talos' love handles. \m/
  10. SPEED TANK RIFTER WHATTTTTT! He hit me once, maybe twice. EDIT: Kurama, send me an Eve mail. when I get on (late weekend evenings mostly, but sometimes if i get time mid day for an hour. Ffff I hate finals) I'll be your buddy. =)
  11. Ride horse into water Dismount Mount horse in water Powerboat horse

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