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  1. Hi !! My name is Viaki, guess you already figured by the avatar ^^. I am canadian and sadly french canadian , but don't worry, I am a Nice one !!!! . I've been playing MMO since Everquest. If I had to make a resume it would look like that : Played Everquest for 4 years, then I have played Guild Wars for 5 years. Joined Aion for 1.5 year and after becoming the best Chanter on my shard, decided to go back to guild wars for a year. Played Rift from close beta till 1 year to burn my self after leveling 4 lvl 50 tier 3 ready. played sandbox game for a few till SWTOR for 1 year to take a full break from MMo for almost 2 year until Guild wars 2 hit the market. Started and managed a guild with my old community for half a year until I got backstabbed. I have hit Minecraft and various Steam games for while and now crowning my game list with ArcheAge !!! I am a casual player that can be trusted and relayed on. I have mentioned my old community and some might wonder, why moving to another one. well, things happen that changed radically the whole fundation of the community and made me realised that it was no longer what I was looking for. As far as I can read, The ordo imperialis look like a nice and warm place and I am excited to meet all of you. Hope to see you in ArcheAge. and other place too !!! V
  2. Tyty, will be playing ArcheAge !!! Hope to get along you all !!!

  3. Welcome to the community Viaki! =)


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