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    MalHavox reacted to Pinkyyroo in Hiya!   
    I'm pinkyy! I just joined the community after joining the warcraft guild on Suramar ^.^  I've been on WoW since vanilla and am very excited to join this group!

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    MalHavox got a reaction from Ledbetter in Greetings!   

    This is the one i refered to as Pahlei in my Proposed Chapter post I can't think of a more worthy person to help with that endeavor and i'm estatic that you are offically aboard!

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    MalHavox reacted to Jeffsks in Swtor   
    I'll level with you anytime you want. I have a 15 sniper, 16 marauder, 20 sorcerer, 11 sage, 27 guardian and a couple others and I can always start a nwe character with you.
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    MalHavox got a reaction from Liam Macalroy in So I've not done this yet   
    So I've met alot of you already, I'm Mal, or Eva, depending on when you met me lol. I've been in Ordo for almost a Month now, and I'm mostly on Imp side of Tor, save when i'm working on my smuggler, but if i can help let me know And I'll do my best to come running ^_^


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