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  1. Wooooah omg I remembered my login :v


    Anyone who wants to add me on telegram go ahead, @LiamSheppie (Not that any of you new grunts would know who I am lol; mostly a message to the old guard that i've lost touch with.)

  2. Liam Macalroy

    OIC Time-In-Service Reward Program (TISRP)

    Do i get pretties? :C
  3. Liam Macalroy

    Christmas #Swag: Post it!

    Not as cool as some's, like guns or Keller's 50k socks, (super jealous bro.) Though.. $25 Walmart giftcard Buncha sweets, cause apparently my family thinks it's okay to be fat or something, idfk Buncha cash too ( I feel like a G now.) HP 3054 printer, finally.. no more last minute panicks when i have to print stuff for school, lmfao. Bottle of Reisling from relatives in germany, which i got two days ago actually, and already drank half of xD Annnnddd~ iPhone 4s (omg~ I love it so much! Siri is my new best friend.)
  4. Liam Macalroy

    Grand Theft Auto 5

    Oh my goddddddddddddddddddddd, I can't Ffffing wait ;_; Maybe if I freeze myself...
  5. Hate Math ._. Somebody wanna go to class for me today?

  6. I wonder if i could like... swipe a bottle of Vodka from my dad's room when i go take a shower o.o;


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