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    - The name you wish to be known by. Sylvanon (pronounced - Sil van un) - My old EQ druid's surname - Your steam profile information. N/A. - Make sure your birth date is accurate in your profile. Done. I'm olllllld. - What interests you in joining us today and what gaming interests you have. Spoke with Moorim/Ounz in BDO and visited the site. Good guy and nicely structured guild was very appealing. - How you intend to partake or contribute to the team where best to communicate. I'm still evaluating BDO and trying to see if the game captures my interest (so far so good). I've been a member of a couple really good guilds over the past couple decades (WoW, EQ) and enjoy the camaraderie. I'll be primarily communicating in game, over TS3, and on the boards as appropriate. - Lastly acknowledge that you've read our codex and understand it. Read it and acknowledge. About Me - Old married military retired dude. Been playing online games since Muds with several years in Everquest and WoW. My gameplay ranges from casual exploration and leveling to endgame raid content. Enjoy FPSs but not a real competitive level. Love RPGs. Spend lots of hours gaming Tues-Thurs, Sat/Sun afternoon evenings. Mon nights, Fri nights, Sun mornings reserved for DND. Sat days reserved for family time.

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