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    Hi, Came across you guys from FFXIV, but am glad to see you play all kinds of things. Don't mind the username, I logged in through steam, and change my name frequently just for fun. FFXIV - I played since the 2.0 launch up until 3.1 patch, and quit until now because of work and depression of fighting alexander savage 3 (the water dude). My old friends/guild quit the game so I transferred to a more populated server, and here I am. I'm slowly playing again to be ready for the next expansion, and to possibly raid again depending on my work schedule. Everything Else - Games are my favorite pass time, i basically own every console and a huge collection on steam, when I'm not working I'm gaming lol. Currently playing Zelda BOTW, Catching up in FFXIV, and just finished Horizon Zero Dawn <- which I liked a decent amount. With that said, it's nice to meet you guys!

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