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    Hello, I love cinnamon rolls.

    Oi oi, Well, my name in-game is Zinnabon Schweetz. I started playing MMOs back in the PS2 when FFXI came out and I've played many other MMOs since. At the moment I'm mostly playing either FFXIV or rocket league on steam. I'm trying really hard to remember when I joined the FC or how, but I just can't remember... I'm pretty sure I saw someone advertising it on party finder. I love how helpful some of you have been, always inviting people to stuff and trying to get them through content, and that's something I enjoy doing, running people through stuff even if I've done it a 100 times. Now, about me... I loooooove baked goods, can't have enough, anything with vanilla or cinnamon makes my mouth water! I honestly thought I was going to be a baker when I was young, but alas, I'm not... maybe one day. I enjoy writing and sketching, I'm horrible at both of those but I still enjoy doing them. My first language is Spanish, so I would always join either guilds or FCs that spoke Spanish, but sadly most Spanish speakers don't like to RP and I like doing it once in a while. My career choice has been a bit of burden for online gaming, I have a very odd schedule... I work 24 hour shifts and then get 48 hours off, so once in a while my work day might land on a day that you guys might be raiding or doing an FC event, so I won't be able to make it, even if I really want to. Also, during the summer I'm on-call a lot, so I might have to leave at any moment, sometimes I try not to run stuff with people because I might annoy them for leaving and not saying much... I'm really sorry if I end up doing it to you guys. I also don't like to talk about work, so this is as far as I will ever touch on what I do. Looking forward to playing with you guys!

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